Eat More and Drop Pounds – Healthy Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Drop pounds (Photo credit: ehow)
Drop pounds (Photo credit: ehow)
Drop pounds (Photo credit: ehow)
Drop pounds (Photo credit: ehow)

I know exactly how it feels to be hungry all the time when you’re trying to lose weight. Trust me, I’ve been there. Fad diets will do that to you. If you’ve got a diet that gives you a grumbling tummy every hour you need to make some changes. You can lose weight without starving. In fact, you can actually eat more and drop pounds. You’ve just to stick with healthy foods to eat to lose weight.

A good diet plan to reduce weight doesn’t starve you. Starving yourself to drop a pound or two is no fun. Its painful, even. And the weight doesn’t even stay off! In a couple of weeks, you’re back to trying to lose the same few pounds! And sometimes you even have a few extra to lose. That’s a really defeating cycle.

The most effective way to lose weight is by following a healthy eating plan for weight loss. You can still eat until you feel full. And, you’ll still shed the pounds. So, what are healthy foods that will help you lose weight?

Healthy foods that will help you lose weight are the ones that aren’t created with tons of chemicals in a factory. Look at the label. If the ingredients are a bunch of words that you can’t even pronounce avoid it immediately. Real food isn’t difficult to say. Lots of canned, dried, filled, and frozen foods are processed as well. Healthy foods are fresh vegetables and fruit, raw nuts organic eggs, organic poultry, seeds, legumes, beans, naturally raised meats, and my favorite: fresh fish.

Fill up: You can actually eat more to lose weight. Hunger pangs are annoying, painful, and a huge distraction. If you aren’t eating a satisfying meal, you’re just going to stay hungry. So, here are some weight loss secrets to making meals that are more filling:

Protein: A source of healthy fat, yes I said fat, is a high quality protein that you can easily add to your meals. By doing this, you’ll make your meals far more satisfying and your hunger will be curbed for hours. Some great examples of healthy protein are: organic poultry and fish, organic eggs, and natural meats. And healthy fats are found in olive oil, coconut oil, raw nuts, beans, fish, and avocados. Who doesn’t love avocados.

Load up on vegetables: A good weight loss trick I’ve learned is to literally divide your plate into sections. I use 3 sections. And, then fill the largest section with veggies. Meat and other parts of your meal occupy the other 2 sections. Vegetables have tons of fiber. The fiber expands, digesting slowly, and making you feel much fuller for longer.

Drink water: Throughout the day, drink a tall glass of water before every meal. By doing this, you’ve already kicked your digestion process into gear. And, you will feel full faster!

You can actually eat more and drop pounds. You’ve just to stick with healthy foods to eat to lose weight.

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