Escape from Monotony

It’s a humid morning when I was heading to the clinic for work. Another day and yet the same set of duties and responsibilities. I had to open the clinic, feed a couple of fish in the aquarium, clean the clinic while receiving calls if there’s any (Al hamdulilah, if there’s few).  After cleaning, I sat down on the reception’s desk and started to watch TV. As I was watching, the picture and voices on the TV started to fade… and I began to hear three sets of voices.  As I listened intently, I heard the voices of a receptionist, a cleaner and a nurse.

The receptionist was saying, “I am tired of receiving calls every now and then especially when we don’t understand each other. How I wish I have somebody here with me, preferably an Arabic speaker, not necessarily an Arab, to help me receive these calls!”

And then I heard the cleaner talking, “I am sick of cleaning this clinic every single day especially when there’s a lot of unkempt patients who are responsible in making the place dreadfully disheveled. How I wish I have somebody here with me, to help me clean the entire clinic…because cleaning this on my own takes a decade to finish and before I knew it I’m gasping for air”.

Finally, I heard the voice of the nurse, “I am wearied of going in and out the doctors’ rooms to “assist”; not to assist as a registered nurse should be doing but to hold and nothing but to hold the patient. Holding the patient is their definition of “assisting”. This kind of assisting for me is like a duty of a “lady without a lamp”. How I wish I could do the duties and responsibilities of a registered nurse. I’ve been covetous of these duties for so long that I’m afraid my knowledge, skills and abilities is somewhat dwindling. I hope one day, they’ll realize that they need me not only on holding patients but to “assist” in every sense of the word in the nursing world”.

The three voices kept on the discussion and ventilated their feelings towards their work, when all of a sudden I heard the phone rang. I answered, “Al Buhaira Medical Center, Salama Alaykum…” When I finished talking to the caller, I realized that the three voices I’ve heard were in me. Three voices yet only one person, and that person is no less than …me.  These three voices represented my duties here in this clinic.  And for the past few months, they have been haunting me regarding the agony towards the monotony I’ve been experiencing for quite some time.

Working in a clinic is not an easy task at all especially if you’re alone. Of course you have to do all the things…alone! Anyway, the good thing is that, I’m not the only one who’s experiencing such torment, since I’ve known from friends and acquaintances that they themselves are experiencing agonizing moments from their respective jobs. They said this is how life is in abroad. You have to be flexible because you’re not only doing your “work” but somebody’s work as well. Bottom line – it is multi-tasking baby!

On having a humdrum daily routine, it’s a big question on how to escape from it. Really, how? My voices within are in the verge of thinking how to escape this monotony. This unvarying daily routine is such a run-of-the-mill thing that I have to endure all the day.  The question is, “To escape or not to escape from this prosaicness?” And the only person that can answer this is…me, of course.  It depends on me if I will embrace this monotony and take it positively and be happy or keep on deprecating and be lunatic!  And guess what? I have chosen to embrace this monotony. Embracing this prosaicness is the best thing I can do because if I don’t, I will never be happy.  I have to train my mind to desire what the situation demanded because in this manner, felicity will take into place.  Hence, there’s only one way to success – this is to be able to spend my life in my own special way. And this special way is to accept enthusiastically this tedium routine and keep moving forward with God.  In the end, it will not be prosaic anymore – it will be “project success” – and this is through embracing not escaping from monotony!!!

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  • katkat G

    From making the decision on applying abroad is one of the things that are truly mind wrecking, and now you are there “good job” and “keep up” the good work that’s what I always say to my friends who applied and experiencing the almost the same mind battling you’ve experience. Your already there you just have to cope to the mind battling and body exhausting experiences. All I can say is GOOD JOB and KEEP IT UP 🙂

  • Monotony can make people dull overtime. The least thing you can do is to be updated with advances in your field. Better yet, be involved in groups that promote interests similar to yours. Stay open for opportunities to improve your career. A positive outlook on things can go a long way. Even if you leave your current position that doesn’t make it better for the person who will be replacing you. Things most probably will stay that way if no one will do something about it. You’ve got the problem identified, that is Monotony, & per ADOPIE, the next step would be to set your objectives. This might sound too optimistic but the fact that you were able to voice out the problem means you will probably find a solution. Best of luck.