Everyone Wants To Become A NURSE!

This was written before the December 2010 NLE Result was released.

I took the Nursing Board Exam last December 19 and 20, 2010. Not only me, but together with 84-85,000 future nurses. The results are coming and everybody is talking about it.
They said it will come out in a few days. Who knows, it might come out few hours from now.
Well, everybody is having mixed feelings, all they can think of, including me, is to PASS the Board of course. ONLY to pass? but that’s not enough for me though. That’s too low to think about, where there could be a great chance to TOP it!
How about to to TOP? I like that idea, how about you?
We know our capabilities because we know much about ourselves.
AFRAID? Why should we be afraid where in fact we took it,
not for the sake to be called as REGISTERED NURSE ONLY.

Let’s face the truth….

We took Nursing for almost 5 years, we didn’t even have summer breaks.
We had big eye bugs, sleepless night, or we didnt sleep at all;
we have been running here and there, misunderstanding with groupmates,
even fight with non sense things, where in fact we could talk about it in a calm way.
WHY these happens? because of a piece of PAPER WORK, the so called CASE PRESENTATIONS!
Honestly, we didnt even have complete data, but we were able to manage it,
we know how to do it, right guys?hehehe(we are just being flexible)
Reminiscing the past, therapy for old people, right?
But i won’t talk about those therapy for the old,
but its one of the therapy we need right now.
Think of the past, we cried, we laugh, we had fun, we had misunderstandings.
We have been to different kind of people, some they like us, some would hide because we are coming for them.

Some hated us, some are excited for us to come when we are in the community.
In the HOSPITALS, on first exposure, what did we do?
ME? i dont have that idea, honestly.
Well, being innocent at the first place make sense, because its the beginning of learning.
When we were born in this world, we really didnt have idea at all,
we dont know anything, who we are and what we are going to do,
the process comes as we live day by day,we are taught and we learn everyday.
Tha’s what we did when we are studying nursing.
But a question is always asked,
Do you like nursing?
Why did you took up nursing?

Question number 1:
my answer? YES!
I like nursing because I wanted to be a nurse.
I wanted to be a nurse, because i want to take good care of the sick people.
I want to comfort people if they are depressed or at their lowest point.
I just wanted to help people if they need help, not financially, but by presence,
it makes me, me to help people, and it helps me a lot when i help people,
that i could make them happy and feel good and take off that sickness away,
to forget that they are sick. To help themselves take care of themselves and to cope up with things they havent done.

Question number2:
i wont really answer this, just an opinion,
a lot took up nursing, practically speaking, because of scarcity of money.
We are getting poorer and poorer in our own country,
and other country becomes richer and richer because of our abilities.
We are satisfied with meals three times a day and just with simple things that we can live in this life,
but no fun at all, because we are ONLY satisfied by small things in life!
We are already happy with it, but that’s Life.
I took up nursing, because i wanted to become a nurse,
to give service to patients who needs care.

We are nurses, we give not care, but HEALTH care!
Is HEALTH important? YES! because without health, we cannot live in this world!
Now think, we nurses are flexible enough,
we change moods, we change characters,
even we are feeling bad inside, we become liars to make someone happy and feel great.
My, we have multiple personalities, can you imagine that?:))
But that’s what we do, we need to be proud of ourselves and happy that we come up here.
We finished our studies, yet we are still stuggling for the result.
Where in the first place. we shouldn’t be struggling about it, because we already struggle for it.
We shouldn’t worry much, just take the stress off and tell yourself, I DID MY BEST and ICAN MAKE IT!
We should fight for it!

Someone told me,
If we deserve to be nurses, then it will be given to us.
If we give our best shot, then its for us.

No one can stop us from dreaming, and being ambitious.
No one can pull us down because we deserve to be happy,
we deserve to fight for our goal, to get the license and be a REGISTERED NURSE!
Not ONLY an RN, but deserving to get the opportunity to help others and be a NURSE!
We might be sad about our country today,
NO VACANCY for nurses,
but, we are made to be flexible right?
we could do anything we want.
So do the right thing, if you want to work on something,
work with it, but remember, don’t forget that your a nurse,
when time comes, who knows NURSES will be needed again.
Just don’t forget, thank God for all the things that is happening.
Afraid of failure?
Don’t BE!.. failure is just another step in our lives,
we just failed, but by that failure, we will learn from it!
Then we will realize, what we did before was not enough,
so we try again, never stop trying, because by trying over and over again
makes us the BEST of everything!
Think POSITIVE everyday, because positivity goes by through Life.
If that positive outlook didnt work, don’t be sad about it,
its part of life, nothing is perfect in this world,
still think of positive things.
THINK Happy thoughts, think life is always good, even if we are in bad shape.
No one can stop us to live our life in our way!
God Bless us all future nurses!
Just Believe in yourselves and never give up in Life!

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  • Ana Benetua

    Many are called but few are chosen….not everyone can be a nurse….

  • Ana Benetua

    If you want to be a nurse because you are after the money, forget it, you are not cut to be a nurse

  • Ferdinand Valdez

    Hopefully dz coming feb..i am d one 2 b chosen..amen

    • tukmolski

      you will be one of these days

  • Glaiza M. Bañares

    Once ur a nurse..ur always be a nurse by heart..

    • glaiza aq 2 c desiree kmusta ka na naalala u pa ba ako miz na kita itxt u naman ako pag nabasa u ito 09339263174

      • Skye

        desiree.. stop it! this is not a her page or something.. respect that! she doesn’t even remember you! urgh!

  • Espie Melad

    think not only twice but hundred times before entering the nursing life…

  • Espie Melad

    think not only twice but hundred times before entering the nursing life…

  • Espie Melad

    don’t think about how much you can earn. ask yourself first if what can you contribute as a nurse…

  • Espie Melad

    don’t think about how much you can earn. ask yourself first if what can you contribute as a nurse…

  • Cherrie Cantila Hibaya

    give us job!


    I will top the board!!!!!

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