Fashion And Health: Allies Or Foes?

Let’s admit it. Everyone these days wants to look good. A girl wants to go on a diet, put on makeup, doll up, and put on her sweetest smile just to impress that intelligent and cute senior in college. A guy wants to build up his body, style his hair however he desires, and put on trendy clothes just to impress his girlfriend. In a world where self-esteem and looking good are all that matters, being fashionable and hot will always be the vogue.

However, put this in mind. Does being hot and fashionable always spell out healthy?

There are items and practices in the runway and on the tube that are not healthy. Let us explain some of these items and practices while we can, and give out proper suggestions to keep ourselves healthy.

Girls love being slim. They want to go by all means just to stay slim and slender. Just because your favourite entertainer or model is showing off her jaw line and her collarbone, it does not mean that she is healthy. And it does not mean that you should too. You might be engaging on crash diets, but your cells all over your body are crying out for nutrition. You might be indulging in vomiting off food or exercising excessively without thinking what such abuses can do to your own health.

What should you do?

  • Eat balanced meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, sufficient amount of carbohydrate-rich food, lean meat, fish, and other nutritious food items.

  • Never neglect your innards by being thirsty. Hydrate yourself by drinking eight 8-ounce cups of fluids everyday. That’s almost equal to 2 liters. However, water intake depends on the physical activity of each person.

  • Go on an exercise regimen that is suitable to your health, and one that you can sustain without giving up. If you are not the type to hit the gym, go for taking a brisk walk at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days in a week. The total aim is for you to meet your ideal weight.


Clothes. Girls love clothes and fashion accessories. Clothes are the concrete evidences of a girl’s confidence. If a girl can hit the road while being dressed fabulously and being able to carry herself well, even the wealthiest model will envy her. Clothes that fit and hug the body, clothes which emphasize the curves and the figure, and not to mention, the assets, are everything that every fashionista should have. Tight leather suits worn by heroines in action movies look stylish, and your hourglass figure, thanks to the corset, might earn you all the boys in school or at the club. Even guys are sinfully attached to body huggers themselves. However, these really tight clothes are not giving you any favour at all.

What are the consequences of tight clothing?

  • Constrictive clothing and belts put great inner pressure to the ribs and the stomach, thus resulting to heartburn. Heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when there is regurgitation of digested food and acid from the stomach to the esophagus. Signs and symptoms include burning discomfort running from the stomach to the throat, sour or bitter taste in the mouth, a bloated feeling, and nausea and vomiting. While these symptoms are common in overweight people, people who lie after eating, those who ingest more than they should, or those who are under excessive stress, gastroesophageal reflux disease is also a villain to those who own tight clothing for best friends. The tip? Loosen up the belt, and buy clothes that do not restrict physiologic functions.

  • Imagine someone hugging you oh, so tight. You cannot breathe, right? The same mechanism occurs when one wears tight clothing like corsets. Tight clothes constrict the lungs, thereby limiting lung expansion. Decrease oxygen levels result, and one breathes shallow. The brain will receive less oxygen supply, and will result to fainting spells. If you are the brainy type who wants to ace all your exams, or wants to study Chinese or Korean languages, never neglect the oxygen supply of your brain by wearing tight clothing! Show your brain and lungs some love by wearing comfortable clothing.

  • Tight clothing prevents you from moving comfortably, and it might also restrict blood flow throughout your body. Why suffer the consequences in the name of beauty? Trade those tight pants for comfortable jeans instead, and get moving the way you should!

  • Other side effects of tight-fitting clothes are yeast infection for women who wear tight pants everyday, back pains and shoulder pains for ill-fitting bras, and soreness on the skin.


Shoes will always be part of the wardrobe every single day. Women love being fashionable, and keeping pairs of heels and pumps at home is a must. High-heeled shoes boost up a woman’s confidence, and make her feel sexy no matter what she does. Keep in mind, however, that high-heeled shoes are health traitors. The benefits of wearing pumps are more obvious compared to the disadvantages, but one should not shake off the ill effects that these shoes give to the body.

  • Pressure on the forefeet can change posture. The proper placement of the upper and lower body have to readjust to keep the entire body balanced, thus shifting the posture from the normal standing position.

  • Heeled-shoes can distort the shape of the bones of the feet. Poor alignment of the spine as a result of the body trying to balance itself will also result to backache. Knee and ankle injuries, and hip problems will also arise.

  • Uncomfortable shoes result to corns, blisters, bunions, and their cousins. Those kind of skin problems on the feet are major turn-offs.

If you want your feet to look fancy, bring along a pair of comfortable flats. Doll shoes or flat sandals should do the trick. Hey, it does not mean that you should ditch those fabulous heels of yours altogether! Just make sure that your feet will get the rest needed. Do not make your feet into another Atlas, please! Avoid prolonged standing if not necessary. If you have to, you have your trusted flats to count on. And by the way, women are not the only ones suffering from those nasty skin problems resulting from the wrong and uncomfortable shoes. Guys do too! So go for comfortable shoes which fit.

Handbags, tote bags, purses, backpacks–whatever. They are all bags. Bags are fun and fancy, and they are always useful to store up precious items. However, behind the innocent bag lies a myriad problems. One has the tendency to carry a bag on one shoulder and shift her posture to balance. This is not healthy, and it will result to shift on the curve of the spine. Guys think that they are free from the worries because they do not carry any bag when they go. But if they keep their wallets inside their back pockets, they will have the tendency to sit on the object, and this is unhealthy to the spine. So, what must you do? Pack light, and bring only the necessary items that you need for the day. If there are things in the bag that you can leave at home, leave them.

Rock and roll! Guys love the rock star look, and they love showing off tattoos on their arms or backs. Girls also find this as something fashionable, placing some on their wrists, ankles, or backs. Whatever the reason for getting the tattoo, whether it be for fashion purposes or for personal ones, it is still up to the person contemplating on getting one.

However, there are some disadvantages of getting tattoos, and this writer is talking about permanent ones.

  • Tattooes done in a cheap tattoo parlor will endanger the life of the customer. There is a high risk of getting serious infections and blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV.

  • There are hypersensitive people, and allergic reactions might occur.

  • Boredom is human nature, and if one begins to get bored with his tattoo, or much less, regrets getting it, removal is highly pricey. A person has to undergo surgery if he wants to have his permanent tattoo removed. People who suffer severe infection after getting a tattoo need to undergo surgery to remove the culprit.

  • Permanent tattoos are expensive.

Here are things you can do to get tattoos safely. You have to make sure that you go to a reputable tattoo artist who practices strict hygiene. It means that your tattoo artist washes his hands before the activity, and that he had his needles and equipment sterilized properly. As to boredom, contemplate as to whether you really want the tattoo so you will not regret later in life, especially if the tattoo will bring down your chances of getting hired. There are still companies who look down on people with tattoos, you know. If you decide to go for a tattoo, select an artist who is a master of his craft. You don’t want your crocodile tattoo to look half-baked or unreal, do you? And lastly, if your wallet is already crying out for funds, forget the tattoo dream. If your heart is really into it, save your bucks. Tattoo enthusiasts believe that permanent tattoos are a good investment. But of course, this writer is not convincing her readers to get tattoos.

So, getting back to the question: are fashion and health allies or foes?

It entirely depends on the situation. However, this article intends to impart the message that though being fashionable and hot is fun, one should not take health for granted. The trends on the runway will come and go, but once the body experiences the serious effects that some fashion items and practices give, these effects will affect the person for some time, sometimes, for a long time. But there are safe fashion items and practices around, so it is best to stick to these instead. You will thank yourself in the future for the healthy choices that you make today.

Fashion need not be expensive, but sometimes, with the choices made, the body pays a high price. You don’t want to look fabulous on the outside while ailing inside, do you? As it is, what is inside will show on the outside. It does not help your confidence that even with your expensive dress, you look like you are going to faint soon.

Better stick to healthy fashion.

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