“Fertilize Me”……An In Vitro Fertilization Issue

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I dropped by a hospital to exchange hi and hellos with friends, when the topic came to marriage and children coz one of my friends got married at age forties so bearing a child was a challenge. She asked, who to look for if she wanted to be pregnant? A gay nurse suddenly blurted out,“Why not ask Dr. Gon** of ortho and Dr. A*** of surgery? Girl, their genes are superb!” then everybody burst to ultimate LOLz :). Good grief! of course that’s not what she meant when she asked for a fertility consult. But yeah! brain freeze moments adds color to our mundane days, good one girlfriend! 🙂

Sperm and egg donations, though accepted in other parts of the world, could be an ethical issue here because of our religious beliefs. But since our country is a cradle of most religions with numerous cults and spiritual movements, some people accept these scientific breakthroughs like how they’ve been receptive to televisions anyway.

As to televisions, the other night I saw an episode of Desperate Housewife where Gabby and Carlos were arguing about Gabby’s decision to donate her eggs to a gay couple and Carlos was all against it because he can’t bear the thought that his wife’s DNA could be roaming somewhere else in the world while he got two kids at home. But Gabby made her point clear that she made up her mind, she owns her body, thus fertilization will take place.

Fertilization– it became so accessible that anyone can get pregnant through the magic of petri dish. It makes me wonder if time would come when everyone who wants to get pregnant can go to a hot guy and say,“Hey hot guy, Fertilize me!” or when someone hits you at a bar with the lines, “So, how would you like your eggs for breakfast?” A girl would reply “Fertilized?” Wow! The world would be filled with mutants because of unfathered children fertilizing each other.

The above event would lead to chaos if not managed appropriately, but scientific advances will always come up with solutions to abate these genetic diseases such as Hemophilia, Trisomy 21, cystic fibrosis and the likes, and probably create a portable genetic scanner that will analyze if you are genetically matched to pro-create with your hook-ups or not. 😛

There is this story on how promiscuity and inter marriages became a taboo. It is said that long ago, there is one village where people can marry anyone they like, as much as they like and produce offspring as many as they can. With that practice, the village became overpopulated, food became scarce and competition for food soared. To survive, weaklings became the target and cannibalism became a norm. One tribe chieftain saw the fate of the other tribe so he created a story that people from other tribe died because they married more than once and whoever do such will encounter same fate. Since then, people followed this tradition up to the present. (?)

What was I saying? 🙂 We were merely talking about a fertility consult, when a sudden brain freeze comment made my imagination go to the wazoo! But I do hope my friend gets a positive result from her fertility check- up with the help of her husband’s genes of course. 😛

maimai signing out…….beep…..beep……

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  • I saw that episode of “Desperate Housewives” too the other night. I think Gabby made a strong point there and Carlos just had to accept it.