For the Future Registered Nurse (B.O.A.R.D. E.X.A.M. Tips)

Arriving at the decision to take the Nurse Licensure Examination and taking the actual exam itself can be both tormenting and stressful for a BSN graduate. As a Registered Nurse, I have been there and done that. Although the board exam is not an easy thing to get through, passing it will be a great accomplishment! If you are nervous, don’t fret… take a look at some of my B.O.A.R.D. E.X.A.M. tips that you might want to try.

B-oard is BROAD

The Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) is not the typical exam that you took during college. It’s more like taking an exam of all the things you studied in the BSN program. Unlike your usual departmentalized exams, wherein the ranges of topics are most often predictable, the NLE may contain even the rarest of topics you least expect to encounter. It would be helpful to take note of the topics you haven’t encountered yet, so that you won’t end up leaving them out of your study prep. There is a very small distinction between the topics that you ‘know’ and the ones you are ‘familiar’ with, with the latter requiring a bit more focus to master. Of course, even if you already have the list of the topics that you already ‘know’, it is still very beneficial to allot some time to read or master them once again.


It is unhealthy to be ashamed of one’s abilities. However, you shouldn’t be too confident that you can do everything. You have to recognize that you too have your own weaknesses and that you might need the assistance of other people. Don’t hesitate to raise your concerns. Consult some RNs you know, your previous professors (if they are amenable to that) or your review instructors. They can provide you much enlightenment on those topics that you find vague or difficult.


Amplify everything in you — friends and family ties, faith in the Almighty, and your will power. Fortification of these can further help you endure all the challenges you might encounter along the way.


Having been able to prepare your list of review topics and resource materials, you are on your way to proceed with your review per se. Attending classes in review centers are optional. However, if you really feel that you are more comfortable with that type of review strategy, then go for it! Most importantly, you have to demonstrate preparedness to what I call your PIES — physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your present status. If you don’t feel like taking the NLE just yet; maybe because of an emotional upheaval or a physical condition of some sort, don’t be afraid to postpone it. You have to create balance within these four major factors of readiness in order for you to proceed in your NLE prep smooth and sound.

D-art your target

One thing I learned in Philosophy is that “an action is always driven by a motive”. It might help to remember this equation: MOTIVE = TARGET and that TARGET = PASSING THE NLE. You have to set your goals for they will act as ‘blueprints’ to your success. We all have our personal reasons in taking and PASSING the NLE. Whatever it is, if it keeps the drive in you, well then GO!


As our body takes away all the unnecessary entities in it for it to function more effectively, I think it would be reasonable enough to incorporate that ‘dogma’ within your review or NLE preparation period. ELIMINATE everything that might cause distraction.

‘X’ (previous) notes are worth your glimpse!

The NLE is fast approaching and you want to stop reading or reviewing. Oops, not so fast. If you still have ample time, try to go over your old notes. You might want to welcome the possibility that, maybe, the topics in there might show up. Never lose a chance!

A-ddress check!

It’s a week before your board exam. Do your own survey of your testing site in order to know your room number. Search the easiest route, prominent landmarks, and establishments around. That will surely help!

M-ilk before you sleep.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try drinking a warm glass of milk before going to bed. Nothing beats having a complete eight (or make it ten) hours of sleep. Enjoy your slumber for the biggest day of your Nursing Life!

I hope these pointers I mentioned will help you in your venture towards your board exam. Good luck my future COLLEAGUE!

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