Get Motivated. Weight loss: It’s All in The Mind

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Staying motivated to lose weight is not as hard as we think. As they say, “It’s all in the mind”. This statement is actually very true. People, more or less, struggle in achieving their goals because the sprout of negative thoughts becomes their biggest distraction. Since negative thoughts can lock our potential, we must create keys through positive thoughts; to cover the empty spaces of negativity, and to unlock ourselves from within.

Let’s focus on ourselves.

How much do we want it – Perhaps, the most important question of all. The same rule of love also applies in fitness, and pretty much everything. There are people in our lives that are very important to us, and needless to say, we will do anything for them. With this being said, we can incorporate our love mentality to further reach our goal. Having an “I will do everything to the best of my ability,” mindset to the things that you really want to achieve can really close the deal.

Consider your happiness – Let’s say you are unhappy with your body, yet you lack motivation. Before going back to the couch or giving up on your exercise, consider your happiness: “Will I be happy if I only do this?”; “Will I have a feeling of satisfaction?”; “If I stop now, when will I be contended?”

Specify your goals – When achieving goals we should be more specific. We can always say, “I will lose weight”, or “I will wake up early to jog”. Yes, that is good, but it would be better if we tweak it a little bit more. Instead, we say “I will lose 10 lbs by the end of the month,” and “I will wake up at 8:00 in the morning, for 4 times a week to jog.”

Be enthusiastic – Nothing empowers our enticement than being enthusiastic. Enthusiasm will eliminate self-depreciating thoughts such as: lack of confidence, hopelessness, anxiety, and any negative thoughts. It has the power to convert negative energy to positive energy. The products of negativity are responsible on giving reasons on “why you can’t lose weight” or “why you will fail”. When enthusiasm is harnessed, it will give answers on “why you can lose weight”, and “why you will succeed.”

Embrace your inspiration – Your inspiration is what motivates you. There are times when people say,” I am motivated, but I am not inspired”. Inspiration comes in many forms; It is not restricted to your loved-ones, or the person of your dreams. Neither does your idol, or your childhood hero. The fact of the matter is we have subconsciously created our own inspiration, through our goals.

Our goals, such as losing weight, and getting fit are the very reasons why we engage in a commitment to achieve them. We make goals because we want to make ourselves better. With our goals helping us grow, we will be more fit; more confident; healthier, and overall have a better life. You find inspiration by creating inspiration.

Have a greater degree of discipline – It is imperative to have such level of discipline. Greatness is not achieved overnight. We have to be focused, and consistent throughout the process. This may seem intimidating and tedious but just like all problems, there is a key. In order to overcome this, we must rely on impulse. Rely on it and not even your thoughts can betray you.

Let’s use Michael Jordan as an example. Playing a game of basketball is indeed a serious business for NBA players. Michael is very successful on his career, and he will forever be known as a legend. Michael has made everything beautiful in the world of basketball in his time. Of course, the road was not always smooth. There came a time when he met his brick wall; he was judged and criticized; he lost crucial game, and so on. Still, how did he overcome such things? Having an immeasurable amount of discipline made Michael the legend he is today – through laborious training, and proper meditation. But what drove Michael? Impulse did.

Remember, always believe in yourself. Because when you do, surely, the “how-to-do-it” will develop. These are the tools necessary for your success. Now that you have them, things will be much smoother. Of course, you can use these tools in your everyday lives. They are applicable to almost every aspect in life. You will be surprised on how successful you will become. The wisdom and growth acquired in the process is indispensable.

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