Health Myths You Should Never Believe

If there have been facts that are useful to every person for the betterment of his or her health, you must also be insightful of the different myths or rumors in accomplishing a good health that are considered to be fallacious. Some of these false rumors are:

  • Foods with high fiber contents can impede colon cancer – Although it is a fact that high fiber foods can thwart diabetes and can regulate cholesterol levels as well, it has nothing to do with preventing colon cancer.
  • A detox diet is very beneficial– Detox diet is having an extremely limited intake of foods known to have fats and cholesterol and consumes mostly on water or juice. This type of diet was claimed to eliminate the toxins inside our body through urine, feces, skin and breath. Nevertheless, doctors, scientists and dietitians never approved of this diet. In fact, this could only lead to more detrimental results and one of those is vitamin deficiencies.
  • Moving from an outdoor with a burning temperature to a cold room could give you colds – This rumor is entirely false. Cold viruses could be acquired when staying in close contact with individuals who are infected with colds.
  • When a regular exercise session is ceased, the developed muscles turn to fats – This is more of a misinterpretation. There is no such thing as muscles converted into fats. Rather, body composition shifts to the fats more when you miss your sessions since you are no longer having enough activities to burn the new calories that you consume.
  • Foods with low-fat contents can decrease your weight – Studies have shown that consuming fewer amounts of calories is the only way to impede your weight from increasing. Never be reliant on eating foods with no calories and low amount of fats since most of them contain unhealthy ingredients such as sugar.
  • V is for VitaminsMultivitamins should be taken before meals or on an empty stomach – This is another fallacious rumor. Food enhances the body’s absorption of nutrients. Hence, vitamins should be taken after meals to be absorbed well. Furthermore, taking multivitamins on a full stomach decreases the risks of gastric irritation. Finally, never combine the intake of multivitamins and caffeinated beverages since any drinks containing caffeine thwart the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals.
  • Fruits and vegetables in juice form are better than eating them in whole – The information that juicing fruits and vegetables can allow us to have better absorption of nutrients is indeed factual. Nonetheless, doing this can have a downside. Compared to eating fruits and vegetables, their juice forms have limited fiber contents. Therefore, it is recommended to limit juiced fruits and vegetables to only one to two servings.
  • Having a sauna session can lose weight – Take note, the only thing you will lose when having a sauna is water weight and you will easily gain it back once you have your drink of water or a bite of food.

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  • RSanders

    Very interesting and informative. Just a suggestion, cite the sources of the information to lend more credence to the article.

    • akopoito

      I agree with you..the author should cited the source/s where she got these information. Not just to lend more credence to the article but also to give credit to whoever discovered these facts.

      • akopoito should have been…”SHOULD HAVE CITED”…

  • Concerned Citizen

    A detox diet, as you falsely claimed, does not involve mostly consuming water or juice. This particular diet aims to remove toxins from the body – and the process may require the person to eat ONLY organic foods, or eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and then couple it with water or fruit juice consumption.

    Please check your facts, as well as your grammar.

    • akopoito

      Please read between the lines … it was not specifically stated in the article that detox diet involve mostly of water or juice… it was stated that “Detox diet is having an extremely limited intake of foods known to have fats and cholesterol and consumes mostly on water or juice.” I guess you’ve been so driven by sudden emotional outburst (not sure why but i do have my hunch) I have sensed it ( forgive me if I’m wrong)that you failed to expand the horizon of the thought…opps,about the grammar thing, read again please! You don’t have to be so critical of the grammar because, in the first place, this is just an information that the writer wanted to share and not an English essay or some sort to impress the reader, particularly, the grammarian.

      • typical-gal

        Well said akopoito! Authors who share this kind of info are not worth to be insulted by anyone. They should be given some credits instead!

  • p_montero

    Detox Diet – BAD?? instead Reliance and Addiction to presciption drugs = more sickness to you and more money to them..

    any natural remedies cannot be trademark and monopolize, that’s the real reason Health and Pharmaceutical Corporations spend billions to cover and bury the truth.

    Return to the old ways of natural balance of diet and gmo-garbage free lifesyle; learn more about people like max gershon and be free of sickness and drugs!!!!

  • akopoito


  • no sources = not reliable enough

  • lady evenstar

    when it comes to health and diet, i’d rather nutritionists and biochemists are more reliable than nurses. please read this link on high fiber intake and colorectal cancer:

  • marky boy

    pa add po sa multivitamins part.. true po un, hands down.. but if you are taking ferrous sulfate, you should take it 1 hour before meals, or with meals but you should down it with fruit juices, because iron is better absorbed with an acidic stomach… ty po sa info.. this is great

  • anonymous

    Are you sure fiber doesn’t help prevent colon cancer? Doesn’t fiber help clean the intestines by pulling with it the soon-to-be stool contents? Don’t forget that among the contents are the carcinogens we took after a delicious burger and fries combo. :p But I dunno. Maybe you’re right? Sources please? 🙂