Health Vs. Sports

During this last semester, I was still with my classmates. There was this incident that changed my whole point of view. I have a classmate who is a varsity on our college. He really excelled at volleyball so he gets to play on NCAA, Festival matches, friendly school games, and other events. It was not my problem until one day at the lecture, he raised his hand and told the professor “Ma’am, I need to go to the gym now and practice.”

The Professor replied “Sure, You are excused and free to go.”

My seatmate, on the other hand, was having a high fever and unfortunately, our infirmary was undergoing renovations at that time. Itold the professor “Ma’am, si seatmate po may lagnat. Namumutla na po yan kanina pa.”

The professor said “Let her rest, wala tayong clinic ngayon. If she wants, we can take her to the skills lab. Nico, may paracetamol sa drawer ko sa baba sa faculty. Kindly get it for your classmate please.”

 Then my sick classmate said to me “Ok na ko dito drei. Malamig sa skills lab di ko kaya dun.”

Seeing my classmate freezing despite the temperature was really getting on my nerves so I raised my hand and told the Professor “Ma’am, baka po pwede natin magamit yung school service. Ihatid na lang po natin siya sa kanilang bahay.”

She replied “Yes, but she can’t be excused. She has to take make-up classes equivalent to the time she will miss in my lecture.” I kept mum and thought….

“Ito ba yung tinuturo sa lecture at duty namin? Dapat ang may sakit eh komportable hindi pinapabayaan.”

Since then, my views about sports and health have changed. My classmate was freezing in the dark, hot, dense classroom stripped of all the comfort she deserved  given her condition. I know my professor was just following the school rules; she did not intend to do that to her students because I know how much she loves our section. But how come the varsity player was favored over my sick classmate?  My standpoint is as a Human, Catholic, and a Student Nurse, Health comes first before other things. I know that my classmate deserves to be excused with no penalty due to her condition. For me, it’s not the prof but the school rules. Why does a varsity player gets more grades by playing matches while a sick student gets deductions due to unavoidable circumstances?

I have nothing against sports; it is a good thing. However, I’m still asking myself “Ganoon na lang ba talaga ang pagpapahalaga natin sa isports na kelangan matabunan ang Kalusugan?”

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  • kurdi

    i was also a varsity in our school before..i took up nursing before i shifted to BS bio and now i’m taking up medicine..being excused in class just to make it to practice isn’t acceptable in our school..that’s why we have a schedule for practice..and usually its 6pm-10pm and 4am-8am..and i think most of the schools have followed the same scheme of session in the evening or afternoon and one session early was implemented in order for varsities not to miss their classes since we have to pass our subjects in order for us to maintain our scholarship..the only time we were excused is during a game day BUT we were given a choice if we want to stay in class or play..most especially if the topic in class was not that easy to grasp..varsities have a choice..and not all of us wanted to be in this situation..most of us only chose to be here so we could study for free..its not all bout the pride of the is still the priority for most of us..i agree that its not easy for a varsity to miss class cause it gets harder to cope up once you missed a topic especially in nursing..but i really think the professor should have sent the sick classmate home or to the ER..paracetamol could lessen the temperature..but it doesn’t lessen the discomfort unless that student was given the chance to rest..of all person in the room that professor should have known what to do especially if the professor was a was a simple case of prioritization.. 🙂

    • andrew

      yes, they have the regular schedule which falls at 6pm onwards, but during festival matches and other events, they are to practice whenever they are summoned by the coach.. and my classmate saying “ok na ko dito, drei” was just to avoid making fuss out of the section so she just endured it, and still i would stand at my statement “Health is more important than sports”

  • gabriel

    in the story it was said that the sick seatmate was given a choice by the prof..and he chose to be in the classroom, did the sick classmate requested to be sent home? Remember px rights?…and it just so happen that the infirmary was close. yes education is important…i agree to that and you agreed in my point of view for varsity players…which will give a clear and evident stand that the topic of making an argument between health and sports is baseless and irrelevant. I also agree that its a simple case of prioritizing. ( being a varsity player and student as well )…if you took up med…paracetamol is better than home…but the best is E.R., also take into consideration the responsibility of the prof. if he/she send the sick student home…kasi ang argument ng writer..bakit daw yung varsity excused while the sick student is not? making it look like unfair, immoral, inhumane….harsh! excusing the prof kasi policy daw ng school…well the prof is representing the school…and still what the prof did was the best! putting everything under his/her responsibility…siguro nga nurse or doctor yung prof kaya alam nya ang ginawa nya. peace po mga kapatid na nurses sa buong mundo…salamat po sa mga prof na tapat sa kanilang mga sinumpaang tungkulin…

  • gabriel

    ako din may kwento….hihihi…yung school na pinag aralan ko 8th flr..and walang elevator, every semester and every level ay tumataas din ang floor kung saan nandun ang mga classes ko…syempre super reklamo kami…lalo na naghahabol ng oras, kasi malalate na..and by the time na makarating na sa class ay haggard na, pawisan at hinihingal…kaya lang nakakainis kasi kahit anong reklamo namin ay walang pumapansin..and pinagtatawanan pa kami ng mga prof at dean…so we learned to deal with it or should I say we don’t have a choice but endure it…and sa 8th flr nandun yung auditorium kung saan ginaganap ang conferences and mga important messages…before graduation, kinausap kami ng dean sa 8th…and she presented to us 15 ring binders of complaints about the same complaint na ginawa namin from other batch na ahead of us…and on top of the binders ay ang letters ng batch namin….the dean started by saying congratulations! in every batch, before they leave this school and explore the world…I am giving them the rationale and mystery of the 8th flr ( no elevator, bldg. )….then she went on and went on…to cut the story short…she asked us…did you learn to come early? because your class is on the 7th floor?…where you still sleepy while your prof is teaching pharmacology? or patho-physio? did you learn to run or at least walk fast? are your calf, leg and thigh muscles well developed now to stand for hours? and everyone looking at each other puzzled with all the questions but smiling giving nods and affirmation to the questions…then we should all agree and be thankful that we have an 8th flr bldg that doesn’t have any elevators…because when you go out there…in the real will be running back and forth in the E.R., you will be standing for hours in the O.R., you will be expected to arrive earlier on your assigned shift and go home later than what is expected… finale..your class is on the 7th and the school cafeteria is on the 1st…because in the real world…eating will be a privilege…and still happy, satisfied and fulfilled….and that’s what real Pinoy Nurses are made of….(I’m sorry guys, I am not a good writer, I couldn’t relate the message as clear as I wanted it to be )..but to sum it up…we end up laughing and smiling to students whenever we hear them whining about not having an elevator, every time we go and visit the school…hihihi…