Healthcare Jobs in Singapore

Healthcare Jobs in Singapore

In an effort to help absorb growing number of displaced highly skilled Filipino nurses, Singapore’s Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH) held a meeting and consultation with the Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (PNA UK). MOH Holding’s Assistant Manager for Healthcare Manpower Facilitation Division Mr. Lawrence Wong together with his MOHH Assistant Director met with PNA UK President Michael Duque in London to discuss how PNA UK and MOHH can assist Filipino Nurses find better employment in Singapore. The talk also discussed the current healthcare situation, the demographics of Filipino nurses in the UK, current immigration status of most Filipinos in the UK among other things.

MOH Holdings (previously known as Health Corporation of Singapore) is the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare assets. It operated largely as a dormant holding company until it was recently restructured to address systems-level gaps in Singapore’s public healthcare system. MOHH provides systems-level strategising and coordination and facilitates collaboration across clusters/healthcare institutions. In doing so, it enhances overall public healthcare system performance, while ensuring closer alignment to MOH’s vision, mission and priorities. Where possible, MOHH also seeks to leverage on synergies and economies of scale across the entire healthcare spectrum, thereby enhancing operational efficiency of the public healthcare sector in the long run. MOHH currently undertakes strategic initiatives for MOH and the public healthcare institutions.

As Singapore’s sole holding company of National Healthcare Group, SingHealth Services and other healthcare establishments – including Alexandra Health, Jurong Health Services and National University Health Services – MOH Holdings is committed to medical excellence, health promotion and illness prevention. Under the leadership of MOHH Board, MOHH oversees the individual efforts of Singapore’s various public hospitals, ensuring the nation’s healthcare infrastructure is developed into a world-class Medical Hub while delivering quality healthcare at affordable prices.

The MOH Holdings Board was appointed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to guide the strategic efforts of MOH Holdings. Led by Miss Yong Ying-I, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, the board ensures that MOHH’s direction is in line with national healthcare policies and goals. Presently, Singapore is ranked by the World Health Organization to have one of the best healthcare infrastructures in the world.

“We are keen on taking on-board Filipino nurses who are in the UK to join us in Singapore.” emphasizes Mr. Wong. Filipino nurses who are registered with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as well as those who are registered Filipino nurses in the Philippines but currently working in the UK as Health Care workers or those on student visas are encouraged to take the opportunity to practice their profession in Singapore. The proximity of Singapore to the Philippines and the close cultural background makes Singapore an ideal work environment for Filipino nurses and other allied healthcare professions. “The package currently being offered by Singapore’s MOHH is competitive,” adds Michael Duque, PNA UK President. “I encourage my fellow Filipino nurses to take a look at what Singapore has to offer.” At present, MOHH which represents Singapore’s national healthcare offers interested Filipino nurses a salary commensurate to experience, knowledge and skills, a settling-in bonus, an end of contract gratuity pay, a subsidized housing allowance, and a free airfare to-from point of hire. Interested individuals are encouraged to email [email protected] and [email protected] for more information. Interviews are scheduled for September 2011 for shortlisted applicants.

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