Healthy Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Healthy foods to lose polunds (Photo credit: fashionneedszone.blogspot)
Healthy foods to lose polunds (Photo credit: fashionneedszone.blogspot)
Healthy foods to lose polunds (Photo credit: fashionneedszone.blogspot)
Healthy foods to lose polunds (Photo credit: fashionneedszone.blogspot)

Healthy foods to eat to lose weight, lose weight fast without exercise.
The secret to shedding pounds is a balance of healthy eating and regular exercise. That said, not everyone has the time or discipline to go to the gym everyday. So, you should make sure that your efforts are redoubled when it comes to finding healthy foods to eat to lose weight. Yes, you can lose weight fast without exercise. And, here are some foods that every diet plan should include:

1. Celery. I’m not sure why celery doesn’t get more attention as a go-to snack for weight loss. It has lots of crunch and its loaded with water so you feel more full. If you eat just four sticks of celery everyday, you will see reductions in your blood pressure. Celery has phthalides in it that relax the tissue in your artery walls which increases blood flow. And even though it fills you up with the water content, celery has hardly any calories at all! It makes a perfect snack.

2. Seaweed. It’s popular in Japan of course. But it hasn’t caught on as much here in the United States. But I recommend it as a really healthy food for weight loss. Seaweed is a super source of calcium and potassium which are both very important nutrients if you’re looking to shed pounds. WHY, it’s great with sushi, but you might also try grinding it up and sprinkling over your foods as a salt substitute. You’ll get the nutritional benefits and reduce your sodium intake as well.

3. Hemp Seeds.  These controversial plants may actually hold the key to some serious weight loss benefits. Just one ounce serving of hemp seeds yields over ten grams of protein. This is comparable to dairy, eggs and meat! You might try adding the seeds to your stir-fry or oatmeal. Some folks have told me their good in smoothies as well.

4. Scallops. When you order scallops in restaurants, they’re often overloaded with calories in the way they’re prepared. But they don’t have to be! More than 80 percent of scallops is protein. If you eat just a three ounce serving, you’ll be getting 20 grams of protein for just 95 calories. Not only that, scallops are high in potassium and magnesium as well. The best, healthiest way to enjoy them is simply searing them with cracked pepper and olive oil. If you want to make it a really healthy meal, add asparagus.

5. Lentils. You’ll often hear about lentils as being a great food for shedding pounds. But honestly, how often do you eat them? You’re not alone. Most folks aren’t serving up lentils even once a week. But you’d be surprised to know that one cup of lentils has more folate than one cup of spinach. And its got 16 grams of fiber. Plus, they’re packed with antioxidants that fight disease. Most people just don’t know how to prepare them. So, here you go: treat them like a substitute for pasta or rice. Just create a bed of lentils and then add chicken or fish and you’ll have a delicious meal of healthy foods to eat to lose weight.

author: Ronald Dean

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