Hello, Filipino Nurses!

Hello, Dear Filipino Nurses!

My name is Marie Mahon and it is my distinct pleasure to blog for you on the topic of English Language for Nursing : )

I’m an experienced linguist, teacher and business owner based in Ireland. For almost 15 years, I’ve been helping professionals communicate with ease and impact through English as a Second Language. I’ve worked with thousands of people across the world and some of my most outstanding students have been FILIPINO NURSES! : ) Yes, that’s right… I’m such a fan of you guys, the great work you do and the beautiful people that you are that I joined your fanpage a number of months ago just to hear more about your work : )

When I saw Ben’s call for bloggers and administrators at Filipino Nurses a few weeks ago, I was thrilled and applied straight away. I want to thank Ben for giving me the opportunity to blog for you.

As well as being a trained linguist and having taught English for almost 15 years, I’ve also worked through my second language for years in other countries so I know firsthand what it means to communicate at a very high level through another language. My second language is Spanish and I’ve lectured through Spanish at a number of universities around the world.

I will be blogging on a number of English language topics each week starting this week so that I can help you excel in Nursing through English.

I also believe that the way you use language as a nurse directly affects your patients’ recovery. I can teach you to not only excel in your accuracy and fluency, but also use language in a way that helps your patients wellbeing and recovery. I can’t wait to tell you more about this!! : )

For now, I’d love to hear your requests on communication topics you’d like to know more about. I’m also here to answer your questions so please feel free to ask me any questions you have on written and spoken language, IELTS exam topics or any area of communication in your nursing.

I’m REALLY looking forward to helping you excel through English!

Until next time,

Warm Wishes,
Marie Mahon

B.A., M.A. Applied Linguistics
Certified NLP Practitioner

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I'm a linguist, language teacher and business owner. I love to help people excel through English.
  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much Ms. Marie, I'm looking forward to read more helpful advice from you, this will be a great help for us who are planning to take IELTS..May I know your e-mail add so i can directly communicate with you about my queries..thank you very much Ms. Marie,hope to hear from you soon..