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One busy morning, when I was riding the LRT line 1 on the way home, my mind was tickled with a very lucid comparison between riding the LRT line 1 and taking up my course, nursing. It was 5:30 pm, the beginning of rush hour here in Metro Manila. I was coming from PNA where I took a seminar about a nursing topic. The seminar was very good, nostalgic of the college life. But somehow I thought of something when I was riding the LRT. Why in the world did I think of a comparison between my course and this train? Well, this is it:

Taking up nursing nowadays is like taking the LRT line 1 on the way home. Let’s say LRT line 1 is the NURSING COURSE, and people riding in it are the NURSING STUDENTS.

Most of the time, LRT is very populated. People just push their bodies inside even though there’s barely enough space for them. Some sacrifice to stand up even though their destination is quite far, hoping that somehow they can secure a seat later on. Just like NURSE VOLUNTEERS, they sacrifice, without salary for a hope that they can succeed in their chosen field, or in an easy term, to be a STAFF NURSE.

Sometimes people are already in their destination, but because of too many people that are clustered on the door, they were not able to go down and get off the train. Very similar to nurses who get stuck with their profession, even though they have licenses, opportunities have become very rare because of the sudden rage of the NURSING POPULATION.

Other people in the LRT have alleys that stand just always in front of the door, or in the chosen destination of the person. In most hospitals, this is a common sighting for nurses applying to be staff nurses. You may hear, “Oh, you’re Dr. Ramirez’s daughter!” and be surprised when the management took her instead of you. Notice the big difference of the board rating! A few people is very smart and brave, they really push hard to be in front of the door so that they can get off their destination. These are TOPNOTCHERS. They work hard, they sacrifice. In the end they get the attention and praise that they deserve.

So what type am I?

I think I’m one of the people who went down the LRT and rode the jeepney, FOR THE MEAN TIME. I’m doing the greater sacrifice of surfing on the sea of a different career and hooking on the options of richer opportunities that’s in store for me. I know I can always go back to the LRT anytime I want. But for now, I’ll just try riding the jeepney, cheaper, even though it’s risky. I will first use my other abilities aside from what I got from the four-agonizing-years of nursing that I took. I am certain that I can prove myself, not just in the field of nursing, but also in my present field now.

Because success is not only doing what you are supposed to do, but it’s doing the things that makes you happy and fulfilled.

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About Rachel Acuzar 1 Article
I am a registered nurse by profession and a writer by heart. I graduated from Southeast Asian College (formerly UDMC Colleges) and passed the NLE (first taker) from the December 2010 Examination.
  • ravio

    Hulaan ko… yung different career na sinasabi ng writer dito aside sa nursing ay call center agent… no offencement and non discriminating itong guess ko…

  • rachel acuzar

    Wrong guess! I’m not a call center agent..:) I’m currently an ESL instructor/teacher.. but thanks for the comment sir! Karamihan kasi talaga sa mga nurses nowadays who don’t work in hospitals are call center agents..very high salary kasi..but fro me okay na yung nag-eenjoy ako sa ginagawa ko.. 🙂

  • Rachel Acuzar

    Wrong guess! I’m not a call center agent..:) I’m currently an ESL instructor/teacher.. but thanks for the comment sir! Karamihan kasi talaga sa mga nurses nowadays who don’t work in hospitals are call center agents..very high salary kasi..but fro me okay na yung nag-eenjoy ako sa ginagawa ko..

  • ravio

    ESL means what? Just for my knowledge. Is it related to training or crush course in care giver?

  • Mean

    ESL means English as Second Language. ^^

    good job, Rachel. ^^

    • Rachel Acuzar

      Thank you Mean? Ikaw ba yan Mean Trinidad? hahaha.. palike nito ha! hehehe

  • Rachel Acuzar

    No Sir, “English as Second Language” Teacher.. I teach Korean students as of now.. 🙂 It’s like IELTS but more simple..

  • ravio

    ah ok… so you can also understand hanggok (hope my spelling is correct)? because i think that is what they call their language.

  • Rachel Acuzar

    I’m not sure on what their language is called because we really don’t emphasize on Korean language..:) I just know basic korean words to make them feel “understood” somehow..
    You sir? Are you still riding the “LRT” ? or you are already on your destination? 🙂

  • ravio

    i think if you already in my destination it means that it is the end of your journey in life… like roads leading you to the destination, there are different routes in order to reach there but at the end of the day, what matters is that you were able to track down your journey and making sure that the road you are taking will lead you to your destination… no matter how long or short the distance may be…

    as for me, i am still enjoying my journey and hopefully while reaching my destination, i will be blessed to enjoy the every moment of it…

    for your info, i am a chemical engineer by profession, worked in the industry and academe in the philippines quite sometime and currently an OFW here in Dubai workign as Helath, Safety and Environment Supervisor in an Oil and Gas company… still long way to go for my destination but i am enjoying it…

  • Rachel Acuzar

    Great job you have Sir! 🙂 Yes, let’s just enjoy the journey.. I thought you’re a nurse.. 🙂 hehe..

  • roy

    I enjoyed reading your article while studying my concepts of nursing. In my case, I’m still riding on the LRT, but here in Pennsylvania, USA. Just for information, a lot of Americans today are taking nursing seriously. You have a valid points. For me, career is not about what course or degree you finished, but it’s a thing that makes you feel comfortable and makes you happy in what you are doing. I wish you the best.

    • Rachel Acuzar

      That’s definitely right! Thank you Sir Roy! I wish you the same thing..Godbless..

  • zhelle

    im done riding LRT and now enjoying my journey as a nurse here in KSA..

    • Rachel Acuzar

      good for you Ma’am! keep it up..:)

  • enzo

    nice article..i am an RN as well, but after 3 years of trying to fit inside the “LRT”, being a volunteer nurse, trainee nurse, whatever you want to call it, i just chose to get out of it. it may be hard for my family to understand my decision, pero umalis nalang ako..i think para sa’kin dapat yung comment ni ravio..hehehe
    nasa call center ako ngayon, mahirap, laging puyat..pero inisip ko nalang, atleast may pinatutunguhan buhay ko. no offense sa nursing profession, indeed it is a very noble one, pero napakahirap na kasi makapasok as a staff nurse (yung may sweldo talaga..haha). di naman pwedeng volunteer nalang kasi panu mo bubuhayin pamilya mo di ba? =)

    • Rachel Acuzar

      Thank you so much! 🙂
      tama ka dyan Sir.. ako bumaba na..pero pwede padin naman umakyat if we just have opportunities..:)