“Hirap at Sarap ng OFW NURSE” (Journey from Philippines to KSA)

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What do you think is the main reason why nurses really want to work out of the country ? Is it all about money? experience? Personal growth? Maybe we are holding a lot of reasons that can answer that question.

I am one of those thousands of nurses who grabbed the opportunity to work abroad. Upon my application, I was  pretty sure that I am really decided to work out of the country. As I started to work in the hospital where I am currently working right now, the huge courage that I’ve been carrying before I go, was replaced by a gigantic sadness which is commonly known as the “HOMESICKNESS SYNDROME”. It is very common especially for the first timers to feel that way. It is very hard to work alone in the place of nowhere, where you cannot find any way out. Admit it or not, we really miss our life back in the Philippines. Everyday shopping, hanging out, unlimited call and texting, party all night, and what more life cannot resist FAMILY BONDING.

Is it really a need for a Nurse to work abroad? Financially speaking, isang malaking OO ang sagot ko. When I was in the Philippines, I have a stable job as a staff nurse in a tertiary Hospital but salary wise I was not satisfied with what I was earning. Kaya ng mabalitaan ang agency sugod naman kami ng friends ko. We took the Prometric Exam to get our Saudi License as soon as possible, thank God we made it. So many good and positive things were built upon us by our agency regarding our workplace and home accommodation, but all of a sudden when we reached the Hospital and the house where we are going to live iyak na lang ang nagawa ng bawat isa sa amin sabay sabi “Ano ba itong pinasok ko?!”. Honestly speaking, the place was like HELL.. Sa sampung magagandang sinabi ng agency, walang totoo.. We all wanted to go back home, but unluckily, there’s no way out. We were stuck and all we have to do na lang ay magtiis ng dalawang taon.

KSA gave me one good thing, its my new FRIENDS, particularly my room mates. They are the ones who made my life happy in the midst of depression. Each of them has a good story to tell, different personalities and attitudes but we can simply jive with each other. Problems will always be present on us; nandyan na ang pambayad utang para makarating sa Saudi, namatayan ng kamag anak pero wala kang mgawa, may naospital sa pamilya at kailangan ng pera, iniwan mong love life ay naagaw ng iba, anak na hindi lumalaki sa piling ng ina..haiii puro problema nakakasawa na sabi nga nila. We came here carrying ourselves and the courage within us, kaya nga courage na lang ang panlaban sa problema. We are all hoping na umabot ng dalawang taon ang courage na yan.. That’s why I really want to correct the connotations of others way back in the Philippines about OFWs na “madami ng pera si Juan dahil nakaabroad na”..oopps teka po hindi po porke nasa ABROAD na marami ng pera, kelangan pang kumayod kabayo para makapagpadala sa pamilya, hindi niyo alam kung anong hirap ang dinadanas ng bawat Pilipino..haiii (kakapikon lang..) haha..

Everyday is a daily routine for us, we are all hoping that time will run so fast for us and will eventually reach the day in which we will finish our contract. We still have 1 more year and few more months so please Kingdom of Saudi Arabia… please be good to us.

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