Homosexuality: Another Kind of LOVE

(Photo Credit: iitandkota.blogspot)
(Photo Credit:    iitandkota.blogspot)
(Photo Credit: iitandkota.blogspot)

“Di sinusukat ang tapang at ang bigote sa mukha, Dahil kung minsan mas lalake pa sa lalake ang bakla”

– SIRENA, Gloc 9 (Aristotle Pollisco)

I have read from the comments on a certain blog about gays, that says, homosexuality is a MENTAL DISORDER,  and a certain man who’s so cocksure said that HOMOSEXUALITY IS THE WORK OF SATAN,  Dude seriously? That is so, primitive, bigotry, prejudice, insensitive, homophobic statement!

Let us get things “straight”, Around 1970’s Homosexuality was considered an illness, and they call it “sociopathic personality disturbance.” However Psychiatrists compared homosexuality with other disorders, such as depression, and saw that the disorders cause impairment, while homosexuality often did not. After debates the Psychiatric Association decided to change it with “sexual orientation disturbance” a condition wherein an individual’s sexual orientation either gay or straight is the cause of the distress, that Homosexuality itself is NOT A DISORDER, researchers nowadays consider homosexuality as a NORMAL SEXUAL ORIENTATION along with heterosexual and bisexual, most of them don’t even consider it as a choice. Until now there’s no scientific evidence for the specific cause of homosexuality, though there are factors that are attributed to homosexuality.

The so called “treatment” for homosexuality is REPARATIVE THERAPY or CONVERSION THERAPY it was based from Freud’s theory that everyone was born bisexual and can go along from one end to another (heterosexual or homosexual) it is mostly supported by Conservative and Religious groups. They also include pray overs during therapy.

Other Techniques also include Behavioral modification, they administer an electrical shock, induce nausea and vomiting when shown an erotic photo of the same sex.

In extreme cases when a father found out that  his son is a gay, he beats the hell out of him and even drown him in a drum full of water, sounds familiar? I saw that from the music video of Sirena by Gloc 9, I think that happens in real life. That is a clear violation of human rights. And why would you want to “cure” your son or daughter? THEY ARE NOT SICK. You are only causing them physical, mental and emotional trauma.

If you’re going to ask me if I’m pro SAME SEX MARRIAGE. My answer is YES, although Anatomically and Physiologically 2 men or 2 women together is not natural simply because they can’t REPRODUCE, however Marriage is not just about procreation, it is about LOVE and COMMITMENT.  If they want to have kids then they could adopt. Being a mother or a father is not measured by your uterus, vagina or the size of your manhood, it is in your HEART. Family is not just about blood and flesh, its about love and care for each other.

If you’re a hardcore religious individual, perhaps you raised your eyebrow upon reading my stance on same sex marriage. I respect your belief But I think a certain BELIEF should not oppress other people’s RIGHT.

For me HOMOSEXUALITY doesn’t  need a CURE for it is not a DISORDER nor a SIN, it is simply another  kind of LOVE.

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