How Can You Prevent Regaining Lost Weight?

Gaining weight (Photo credit: examiner)
Gaining weight (Photo credit: examiner)
Gaining weight (Photo credit: examiner)
Gaining weight (Photo credit: examiner)

How Can You Prevent Regaining Lost Weight?
By Nadine A Douglas

It is often said when dieting… It is not losing the weight that it is difficult, it is keeping it off that’s the challenge. According to research from Brown University Hospital, those pesky pounds we pile back on are the hardest to lose the second time around.

So what can you do to keep the pounds off:

1.) Set realistic goals (maybe 1 – 2 pounds a week). People who lose weight slowly by eating less and exercising more tend to keep the flab off.

2.) Do not skip meals – Keep healthy snacks at hand such as crudit? with a low calorie dip, or whole fruit.

3.) Choose foods which are high in fiber. A good example of this is whole fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products such as breads, cereals and rice.

4.) Start a Weight Loss Diary- Write down everything that you eat and drink for a while. Be honest about what you are consuming otherwise the journal will not be as helpful. By physically seeing a list of what you are consuming, it can help you make any necessary changes that can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

5.) Have a Plan – It really is beneficial to have a plan beyond hitting that magic number on the scales. Whatever your goal may be, as soon as you reach it, your brain thinks that you are done which means that you could easily start piling on the pounds again unless you have an ‘after’ plan. Think seriously about what steps you will take to maintain your weight loss.

6.) Continue to buy fat burning foods and healthier options – if you realise that your shopping cart is filling up with a few too many chocolate bars be sure to take them out before you get to the cashier!

7.) Stick to your Plans – We all know that one of the hardest times of year to watch what you eat is over the holiday periods… have fun but be mindful of your dietary plan, even when everyone around you is having their second helping of roast potatoes!!

8.) Continue exercising: Many people stop exercising as soon as they have hit their target weight. One of the best ways to keep off the pounds is to continue exercise, even if your routine is not as rigorous as it once was, a little exercise a day will keep those pounds away. Walk to the shop or take the stairs in your office building, for example.

9.) Go Outside! – Jogging outside can actually be more effective then jogging on a treadmill, especially if you live in a cold climate as the body needs to burn more calories to keep warm while exercising.

10.) Exercising is also thought to be a natural way to put you in a good mood. According to a study published by the University of Essex (UK), exercising just 5 minutes a day outside could boost your mood.

11.) Stress Reduction – As well as losing weight, healthy eating and exercise are also well proven techniques for stress reduction.

Keeping the weight off is often one of the hardest things to continue so giving yourself realistic goals and following simple steps such as the ones outlined above could ultimately help your long-term weight loss success.

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Nadine ‘Diet Coach’ Douglas lost over 25 pounds after being overweight most of her adult life. She now runs a successful weight loss website which gives information about great resources which can help you lose weight and be healthy for long term success.

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