How Do I Gain Weight If I’m Too Skinny?

Woman, strongly underweight.
Woman, strongly underweight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are plenty of guides out there designed to help people lose weight. In fact, one of the main concerns today is helping people lose weight in order to be healthier and avoid chronic diseases. However, information on weight gain is much rarer, due to the fact that there is a considerably less demand for it. So, you may be asking yourself, how do I gain weight? After all, there are also many people that have trouble putting on weight, or that need to learn how to gain weight because they belong to a team, take part in a sport with weight requirements, or are trying to take part in muscle-building training which usually requires a weight-gain period. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to gain weight. After all, the answer to how do I gain weight is not necessarily to go out and stuff yourself with junk food! There are ways to gain weight while avoiding as many health complications as possible.

It all comes down to calories. You will need to find out how many calories you need to maintain your existing weight. This is not too difficult. A quick online search will usually reveal thousands of websites offering to give you your daily required calories in order to maintain your weight. While all of these websites tend to give this information so that people can lose that weight, you will use this information in order to gain weight. Instead of subtracting calories from your total, we’re going to add them. A good guideline is to add some five hundred calories to your daily required total. So, for example, if your body needs 2,300 calories to maintain its weight, you would need to have an intake of 2,800 calories every day in order to start seeing some results. Remember to take into account your physical activity and to take in additional calories burned during those activities!

Now, you do not want to get those extra calories from junk food or packed into a binge eating session. The best way to get those extra calories is by changing your eating habits. It is recommended to aim for three big meals every day with a couple of hefty snacks between them. These meals should be balanced, with plenty of bread, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Your best way to gain weight is through breads, fats, starchy vegetables, and meat. However, make sure that you are getting these portions as part of a balanced, albeit bigger, meal. It is recommended to look for food with a high caloric density, such as various kinds of nuts or red meat. These will give you more calories while at the same time allowing you to consume more without feeling full. If you are having trouble putting on weight, a good solution may be a commercial weight-gain supplement, which will usually be designed to give you a good dose of calories while also including essential nutrients.

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