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Travel nurses are in-demand in America nowadays. They are nurses who accept short term assignments from various hospitals located in different states of America. There are a lot of perks from being a travel nurse such as high salary, allowances, free travel, and free housing with paid utilities, free health, dental and life insurance for the family, 401(k) retirement plans, and others.

Travel nursing became a trend because of the extreme nursing shortage. Hospitals need to share their nurses to other institutions by offering not full time but short term jobs.

This kind of job though is ideal for single nurses who love adventure. It will be very difficult for a married nurse to take on this kind of job because it requires moving a lot and so will mean long time to be away from their families.

Though travel nursing jobs presents another great opportunity for nurses, many of them still feel that they fail to make the most out of this field. Usual complains made by travel nurses include dissatisfaction with the assignments given and lack of effort of agencies to help them. These concerns are somehow expected because the success of a travel nurse should not be solely dependent on external factors. They must also do their part to succeed in this field. Travel nurses who get the best assignment are the ones who get themselves involved in the placement process and do not just depend on the placement agencies. Here are some tips on how one can most benefit from being a travel nurse:

Prepare Everything. Flaunt your qualifications by being ready with all the necessary requirements and documents that prove your competence. Placement agencies would always require your nursing licenses and certifications of your work experiences in hospitals or any other medical institutions. It is important that you verify all the documents you will submit. The ones with complete requirements are usually given the best assignments.

State your preferences. You probably would prefer being assigned in a rural area than in a big city. Or you would like to work in a small hospital rather than the large ones. The preferences in given assignments vary per travel nurses and placement agencies would be clueless about it unless you let them know. Let the placement agencies know about your desired conditions so they will know what projects to give you. It is also important that you inquire the details of various assignments available.

Do your research. Ask all questions you may have about a particular assignment before accepting it especially about pay rates so you are not caught off guard. You may be lured by an exceptionally high salary but will be surprise to learn that it would mean working in a hospital with poor facilities and low nurse to patient ratio.

Be Aware. There was a time when travel nurses accept assignment armed with nothing but a verbal agreement. This should not be because a work contract is a must. You should always request a contract in every assignment that you accept. Take time to read it thoroughly and make sure you understand all its details before signing.

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  • J Tidwell

    Reading on your blog about the great opportunities, I am encouraging my sister to look into becoming a travel nurse as a career path. Seems like a wonderful opportunity to work and travel.

  • D Restcon

    I enjoyed your article. I have been a travel nurse for years working through a great nurse travel agencies. It has been so rewarding and I have become a better nurse through my travels!