How to Earn Respect in the Nursing Profession

Respect (Photo credit: blogspot)
Respect (Photo credit: blogspot)
Respect (Photo credit: blogspot)

Respect is a heavy word. Most of us would like to be respected by people that we care about. In our nursing profession, we would also want to earn the respect of our peers, patients and other people that we work with.

 However, respect is not given, it is earned. It is not about age, gender, or race. When you say respect, it is a courtesy given to people who really deserve them. In the nursing profession, experienced nurses would expect the younger ones to give them respect but as was mentioned it is earned and one has to show that you really deserved to be respected.

How can one gain respect in the nursing profession, there are a few simple rules to remember:

Don’t Promise if You Will Not Fulfill It

As the saying goes, promises are meant to be broken. But if you want to be respected by your peers in the nursing profession, make sure that you deliver on your promise. Promises should not be made in jest nor should be taken lightly. What one should do is to avoid making promises that you can deliver. If people will realize that you do fulfill your promise then this may be the start of earning their respect.

Be True to Yourself and to Others

Make sure that you are transparent with your feelings to yourself and to others. People will respect you more what you are saying and feelings are really the same. Some people tend to pretend they are all right but in truth they are not. Just be open and make sure that people really get what you mean. It is difficult to be respected if they are misinterpreting your action.

Avoid Being Condescending

It is not a good feeling if people will treat you as some kind of stupid. Make sure that you are aware on how your voice and body language are seen by people. Sometimes we are unconscious of what we show to people and we might not be aware if our actions might be insulting to others.

The nursing professions just like any other professions are prone to having people that can be annoying and command respect from you even if they do not deserve it. If you feel that you should be respected then remember the tips and make sure you practice them. Remember that respect is earned and not given especially if you do not deserve it.

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