How to Land on Your Dream Job! (Interview Tips/Pointers)

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You sent your resume to various hospitals. Now you’re down waiting for “the call”. And wonder of all wonders, someone calls you and tell you that you’re in for an interview. Now is your time to shine. You have to show them that you’re the best applicant for the job! Now is your time to show them what you’ve got, impress them and perhaps land on your dream job that you’ve been waiting for!

An interview between you and your prospective employer is always a two-way process because both of you gets the chance to assess each other. For the employer, he/she gets the chance to assess you as a potential part of their institution (your skills/technical abilities, personality, alertness in answering questions, poise, etc.) For you, the interview gives you an idea/background on your potential working place/environment, employer/s and working conditions.

So for this, you have to take necessary preparations to make a good first impression. Here are some tips/pointers that may help you in preparing for an interview:

  • Be at the place on time (the earlier the better). If you want to make a first good impression to your prospective employer, you have to show professionalism at its best. Show them that you’re disciplined and comes on time. Coming to your place of interview earlier than the scheduled time is actually at your advantage because you can relax yourself before the start of the interview and appear unhurried. If, (and I hope this not happen), you get delayed, apologize and state the reason.
  • Do your own research for the background/institution check where you will apply.  Doing so will help you have a picture as to the institutions philosophy, goals, achievements etc. This will also help you answer questions intelligently–the employer would likely ask you question on your knowledge regarding their institution, so a little background comes in handy.
  • Anticipate possible questions. Be prepared for questions that are likely to be asked. You don’t to sound overconfident but you don’t want to look clueless either. A day or two before your scheduled interview, you can write down or have a case scenario in your head on possible questions that your prospective employer might ask you. This way, you can think of and prepare for a good answer that will impress him/her.
  • Be your BEST self. Even if it’s not included in this tips/pointers, you definitely will do your best for your one-shot chance to land at your dream job.
  • Double-check your credentials before leaving your house. Prepare your credentials a day or two before your scheduled interview so that you wouldn’t have to rush on the day of your schedule. Don’t forget to bring extra photographs (1×1, 2×2 or Passport size) just in case. Don’t forget also to bring your own ballpen for filling out of forms.

On the day of the interview:

  • Keep calm and believe in yourself. It’s just normal that you feel anxious about your upcoming interview but never ever doubt yourself and think of negative thoughts. You are one of those qualified for the position that’s why you are there for an interview to show them that you are the best applicant. Remember this, just do your best, and God will do the rest. :)


  • If your prospective employer does not call immediately (for the next few days) for a final interview, don’t lose hope. Yet. You’ve done your best on your interview, and you’re again waiting for that “call” for a final interview. If you don’t receive a call for the next few days/week, do not fret, maybe its just taking them time to consider all the applications that they’ve got. Instead, consider writing a follow-up letter stating your interest for the position you’ve applied for. It will give them the impression that you are interested and might give you the chance of being their first preference for the job.

So there, I hope this helps! Goodluck on your interview! Do your best and land on that job you’ve been waiting for!  🙂

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