How to Lose Belly Fat and Gain Toned Abs?

Toned stomach (Photo credit: blogspot)
Toned stomach (Photo credit: blogspot)
Toned stomach (Photo credit: blogspot)
Toned stomach (Photo credit: blogspot)

 Who doesn’t desire for a toned figure? A toned figure means that you cannot have any excess fat in any section of a body. For that ‘feel good’ and ‘look good’ factors, people take a number of measures to reduce tummy fat and get toned abs. Actually, this is not simply a cosmetic concern. It is something more than that. Having flat belly also reduces your chances of developing a number of diseases like high cholesterol, kidney problems, obesity, diabetes etc. So to stay fit and look good, you must gain toned abs after getting rid of your belly fat.

To get toned abs you need to perform some exercises that suit your body type. You must meet a fitness expert who will understand your body requirements and recommend a set of core stabilization exercises. Now you may think that exercises like crunches, planks, lunges and many more are enough to have a flat belly. No doubt, these exercises are helpful, but you need to focus on all the muscles to get attractive abs.

To look beautiful by having a toned, tight belly devoid of any belly fat, you need to go through a work-out regime that focuses on the following:

  1. Cardio: Cardio is required to reduce your abdominal fat:
    • Start with some simple cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, cycling, jump roping. Initially perform these for 20 minutes and once you feel comfortable, increase the timing to 30-35 minutes every day.
    • These will make your heart pump fast and you will burn more calories.

  1. Muscular Toning: Muscular toning for half an hour daily is essential to get flat abs. A number of exercises can help you tone your muscles effectively, such as:

  2. Sit-up exercises for rib cage: You might be performing sit-ups for many times as part of your work-out routine. However, while targeting the mid-section of the body you need to pay attention to the rib cage. While lowering down during a sit-up, you need to keep your rib closed that will help in tightening your abs.

  3. Side Plank: While doing this plank, you have to put your bodyweight on two points of contact. You have to lie on your left with your legs put together and elbow beneath the shoulder. Now place your right hand on the right hip. Lift your hips slowly along with balancing your weight on your forearm and feet. Your body will form a diagonal line. Rest in this position for 40 to 50 seconds. Now exercise on the left side and repeat the postures.

  1. Dietary changes: Remember fat is important as it supplies us energy, helps to maintain the temperature of the body and protects many vital organs of our body. So go for a healthy diet that combines good fat, lean protein, vitamin and minerals. Take diet that consists of good fat like omega 3 fatty acid, olive oil, avocado etc. Avoid sugar, caffeine, deep-fried snacks and alcohol and add lots of fruits, veggies and water.

Along with the exercises to lose belly fat, you must learn to live a good life sans any bad habits. Sometimes the same work-out routine may help in toning muscles within 6 months and in many cases it may take 1 year or more. You need to be patient and positive. So get ready to show off your muscles and make others jealous!

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