How to start your nursing career

I’m a registered nurse for over a year now and I can still remember how I was happily welcomed to the “world of unemployment”!

Post-college and post-board bliss was short-lived for me because I wanted so much to start my career already. I cannot afford to picture myself sitting on the bed, laptop on the side table, listening to the sound of my keyboard while eating chocolate-flavored oatmeal… unemployed while writing an article about my miserable life.

Well, maybe I did not imagine that before but it is happening now. Only that my life is not miserable. Amazingly, I am happy. I am free. Optimism 101.

I think that you jump start your nursing career by becoming a volunteer which is never complete without proper documentation through pictures and disseminating it via Facebook. If you choose to earn as soon as possible then there’s always the call center or ESL.

I admire nurses who did any of that. Though the latter is a delay, it is a stepping stone. All we need is a goal. The “how” in achieving it depends on sole “diskarte”.
Yes, we need the money, we need to earn, we have to pet the pride but I believe that God decides who can have RN next to their names. It’s a gift, it’s a vocation. Don’t wander away. Do what you want, enjoy your freedom but never take for granted what you earned.

I stay at home working as an online tutor/freelance writer. I have a job but I consider myself unemployed because this is not my idea of employment. I wear pajamas to work, my office is the sala or the kitchen or the bedroom and I own my time. I go out for frozen yogurt when I feel like it but everyday, I remind myself that I am a nurse and people need me (naks!).

So I guess you start a nursing career by setting a goal and then start doing what you want without forgetting what needs to be done.

I think I will end this article by saying RN ka, panindigan mo ‘yan. Sayang lang ang mga luha mo nung nasa RLE pa tayo. :p

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  • chubsterRN

    yep.. indeed that is the sad truth of our profession but i think its not only nurses but also other courses but not as hard as us though.. hehehe…
    anyway.. i do agree that we just need to focus on goals that we may be able to do and think of it that it may not astray from our very first one to be a WORKING REGISTERED NURSE IN A HOSPITAL(wRNiaH) ABROAD.. but “wait! just a minor setback” says the Lord.. “wait, there is something you NEED to do”.. short, i never got the chance to get work in a hospital, i ended up looking for other works: callcenter/ESL/home-baseIT but i wanted to focus on something related to my profession…
    for now, im currently focusing in my MN degree.. hopefully graduate… so i think i can a lil bit relate with your situation..