How to Survive Challenges in Your Nursing Career

Betty Boop Nurse (Photo credit: jokesprank)
Betty Boop Nurse (Photo credit: jokesprank)
Betty Boop Nurse (Photo credit: jokesprank)

A nursing career is one of the difficult careers a person can have. No one really told you that it would be easy. By the time you finish your nursing school, you have been already aware of the difficult task ahead. Being a nurse can be challenging, frustrating, uncontrollable and downright scary. It may seem that all the adjectives mentioned border on the negative aspect. But it is just being realistic. If you still see nursing from rose-coloured glasses then it is time to wake up.

This is not to scare the people who would want to take a nursing career someday, this is to just give you a heads up on what to expect when you do decide to become a nurse. All is not lost however, there are survival tips that you can list down so that you will not be easily discouraged in thinking about pursuing a nursing career.


Have you ever wondered that despite all the hardships that these nurses face they still stay in the job? Yes, many of them would tell you that in one way or another they wanted to quit but something held them back. For some it is the idea of hope. Each day that one faces all the difficult task and challenges, they hang on to the hope that tomorrow will be better. Patients will recover, tasks will be finished and the situation will improve. Hope is what keeps most nurses staying in the profession that they love.


Laughter is the best medicine. This is also true for nurses. One of the survival tools they use is to laugh. Find something funny with the situation. You laugh with your colleagues and find something positive even in the worst day that you ever have. That is one of the things one has to consider when you take a nursing career. Humour can be your best defence in all of the challenges that you face.


Friends are heaven sent for nurses who feel that they have to vent, talk or reflect with another person. All the drama and tension seem to dissipate if we know that we can share it with someone else. It can be friends, family or even close colleagues that can help you deal with all the negativity you experience in your nursing job.

Challenges come into a person’s life. Even nurses have their own sets of challenges, it is up to you on how to handle them without giving up.

As a BS degree in Respiratory Therapy graduate or ASN basics graduate, one has to know how to survive the challenges of a nursing career.

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