By Noel D. De Ocampo, MSN/ED, RN
April 25, 2010

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender (GLBT) have been in the Philippine society perhaps since the human became human. Since those words were even invented. Why question their involvement in politics? Aren’t they human, too? Don’t they deserve representation just like many other sectors of our society? It’s time to stop the ignorance. GLBTs are productive, too, more productive than most.

I understand that the church has the moral obligation to teach what is right, but teaching to act right should start within their communities. And what is their definition of “right” anyway? They call GLBTs “abnormal”. What about the GLBTs working within the church? What do they do with them? What do they do to clergies found to have been sexually abusing women and children? Is moving them to another congregation or another country the “right” way to address it? Are they even considering sexual abuse of women and children “abnormal”?

“Help the needy.” If you become pregnant while in a Roman Catholic nursing school, you’ll be expelled. Why is that? She needs more help now than before she became pregnant. Expulsion will only increase her burden and lessen the chance of better future for her and her baby. Is this how they support the needy? This should be the time that more support is provided and the school should figure out a way to work on how to finish her schooling. More support, not expulsion. That’s how you help the needy.

There will always be hypocrisy and ignorance within our society, but people are now becoming more educated and can better understand how our acts have been. There is nothing wrong with having certain religious beliefs, but we cannot become fanatics. You don’t have to discriminate just because your pastors and priests said so. They’re all are human, too. They’re not God. They make mistakes, and the way they interpret the religious teachings in the books they read to you are subject to the same interpretation mistakes all human make. I believe their interpretation that GLBTs are “abnormal” is a BIG mistake.

“Do unto others what others…..” Great quote and it’s still great to teach…and practice…

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