I Am a Nurse and I Am Blessed To Be One

Proud Filipina Nurse (Photo credit: zezzle)
Proud Filipina Nurse (Photo credit: zezzle)

A few weeks ago, thousands of new nurses passed the nursing licensure exam. I remember, it was almost 4 years ago when I finished my course and received the best news of my life so far. It was when they told me that I passed and then I saw my name on the list with my own eyes. It felt so incredible, such a privilege, an honor, a blessing from God. People might think that after 4 years of studying and passing the licensure exam, everything would be great. But for us nurses?  It’s just the beginning of our wonderful journey.

Some people would ask me, “Is it hard to be a nurse?“, then I would answer them, “It is, but it’s worth it” Passing the licensure exam gave me the opportunity to be able to use my skills and apply what I’ve learned for 4 years. God has given us the permission to assist the doctors in helping the sick and the dying, but moreover, as nurses, to be able to take care of our patients.

It takes a lot of patience, understanding, perseverance, strength, and love to be a nurse. It makes me sad that I’ve seen nurses that aren’t dedicated to what they’re doing. Yes, they follow doctors orders, but it takes more than that to be a real nurse. You need to have a heart for it because it’s not just a job, it’s a commitment.

I am so happy and proud to be a nurse and I really hope that all nurses feel the same way. Though finding a job would be a challenge or whether some ended up in a different job or a situation, if you finished four years of nursing, you’re still a nurse. You can still help and use your skills, especially in emergency cases, it’s just up to you. Oh, and passing the nursing licensure exam is a bonus. Though some weren’t able to pass it, they can still do great things as a nurse. They may not be registered nurses, but they still managed to finish the course, right? So don’t waste it, use it. not necessarily as a job but with other cases or situations. And as for all the registered nurses, let us all be thankful that we’re given this chance.

All the hard work for four years and upon passing the licensure exam, the pain from being yelled at, the stress from work and the environment, the hunger because you weren’t able to eat, lack of sleep because of graveyard shifts, the holidays that you spent with patients instead of your loved ones, the storm that you faced just to be able to go on your duties, the illnesses that you got because of duties and exposure, missed meeting/gatherings/dates and a lot of things because of overtime. But when a patient felt relieved from pain, gave you compliments or gifts, and smiled at you… it’s all worth it! It’s priceless!

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  • gregg

    Yes, nursing is a call, a vocation just like priest and nuns. To be a succesfull nurse you must possess “3 H” Hands, Head and most specially you Heart..

  • fantastic write-up, thanks