I’m A Nurse and Proud To Be One

proud to be a nurse

As I spend days and nights away from my family.. working.. adjusting.. and doing everything to be able to survive in this new environment I’m living in..there comes a time that I would ask myself.. Why am I here?? Why did i took up nursing??  I should have taken another job or course.. I would even sleep.. with those things running through my mind.. but then I woke up.. I saw the video below.. which really makes sense.. and brought me to realization that…

proud to be a nurse

Hey.. I should be proud in the first place. I asked for this.. I remember I said  before enrolling into this course.. “How am I suppose to be an effective nurse.. if.. I wasn’t able to feel how to be a patient? Then suddenly, I was hospitalized.. then I’m here 🙂 And there’s the student years.. the late night duties.. dealing with patients.. reviewing so hard..feeling the tension while taking the board.. even makes you feel like dying when waiting for the result.. and knowing you have passed feels like heaven 🙂

I am moving a step closer to my dream.. Facing the reality of working.. that I still have to go over many tests, interviews and others just to be where I am now.. I say.. I’m not in a hurry.. for i know, the right time will come for me. But then, I still say.. “Hey, I’m a little bored, can you make it a little faster for me?”.. and it just makes me smile to think.. am I happy with what I’m doing?? Is this what I really want? Duties.. may it be busy or not.. we still say.. it’s toxic..but then.. whether we like it or not, even on our subconsious mind.. we still smile and feels happy to know.. one of your long time patients, one of your critical patients has been discharged.. even seeing your patients coming back to you.. when they are sick, it makes you fulfilled to know you helped them, in your own little way.. thinking it was only your job, without knowing it has a big impact for them. Is it really just my job? How am I able to do that and why?? Then as I talked to myself, I hear “It is a gift that has been given to you. Anybody can take temperature, anybody can count heart rate or respiratory rate, how can that be a gift?? “Yes, everybody can do things you usually do, just not everybody has been blessed to be a nurse like you” Then I am blessed with a special gift, to be able to change one’s life.. to be able to uplift people when they are down, to be able to lessen one’s pain. Now, I say.. yes I may be far from my family.. but I’m destined to do this..

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