I am Proud To Be A Nurse

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I am proud to be a Nurse

No matter what the hardships and sufferings that I will encounter

I am proud to be a Nurse
The only Profession that we need to work
and serve to others for FREE without any complains

I am proud to be a Nurse
Who cares if other scumbag people belittle us, IGNORE THEM,
they’re just Envious and Insecure

I am proud to be a Nurse
Because I have chosen one of the TOUGHEST COURSE in the world

I am proud to be a Nurse
Because we are the Angels of God,
with clean good heart giving comfort to ease the pain,
and lessen our patient sufferings

I am proud to be a Nurse
Because we are DEALING & SAVING LIVES without asking for return

I am proud to be a Nurse,
Proud to be a PUBLIC SERVANT,
I’ll be forever grateful for choosing this calling
And finally, to devote our life in this Dignified Vocation is PRICELESS……

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