I was Once Scared

Looks can be deceiving!

When I first saw him, I thought he was someone who I couldn’t deal with. He looked so bright that I felt stupid. He looked so respectable that I felt I was nothing. He looked so high that I felt I was incompetent. Indeed, he is intelligent, praiseworthy and outstanding. But he didn’t make me feel the way I thought I will be whenever our paths would cross.

The thought that he would expect something from me had never come to my mind. Not even in my dreams had I thought that he’ll recognize me. Who am I to be known by such remarkable person in our field? I am just a student nurse who so far had just done little compared to what he had accomplished. Thus, this was what I presumed. That’s why after hearing those statements he uttered, I was astonished, surprised that he regarded me as somebody, something which I seldom felt.

After hearing that he was delighted that in some way I learned something from him, I felt proud that he actually recognized me as someone important. I am proud that he really cared for my learning; to think, we were nine students there.

He even told us that he was somewhat daunted by me. He actually thought that I could just hit his head in the hallway when we come across. My gosh, that’s the total opposite of what I was thinking! I thought he’s the one who’ll do that to me.

Maybe he was just kidding when he stated those things, but maybe he was not. However, whatever those words of him meant, still, I am so proud that my idol once viewed me as somebody.

Through that incident in my life, I then concluded that I should not be scared by a doctor, though he looked so intimidating due to his accomplishments. He is not scary at all. Actually, he is fun to deal with (I just felt somewhat awkward for he is my idol). Yeah, it’s really undeniable that he is somebody. But is not conceited. Instead, he is accommodating enough to attend to our concerns. Through that, learning became a pleasure.

I am now hoping that most doctors, if not all, are like the one who inspires me, my idol. Because of him, I now believe that a doctor is not only someone to look up to, but also someone to look forward to.

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