Importance of Oral Health

Oral health (Photo credit: goeshealth)
Oral health (Photo credit: goeshealth)
Oral health (Photo credit: goeshealth)
Oral health (Photo credit: goeshealth)

It is an old adage that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Taking care of your oral health plays a significant role in keeping you safe from a host of health problems such as gingivitis, cavities, bad breath etc. You might be surprised to know that issues such as oral cancer affects 30,000 people in US on a yearly basis

The general public usually relegates issues such as oral health to the backburner. The disturbing aspect is that the very same people are forced to spend a lot more money once they develop dental problems.

Why Brush Your Teeth?

Oral health experts strongly advise to brush your teeth at least two times in a day: immediately after you wake up in the morning and before to go to sleep at night. Brushing is one of those repetitive, monotonous and not-so-fun activities which keep a host of dental related problems such as bad breath, gum related diseases etc. at bay. Healthy gums can be ensured provided you floss on a daily basis.

Dental experts recommend using a small headed toothbrush with soft bristles for cleaning purpose. Hard bristles cause damage to the gums. On the other hand, a large toothbrush might not be able to extract the food particles from the back of the mouth. Fluoride contained toothpaste should be ideally used for brushing purpose. In case you do not have the time to brush your teeth, you may consider using a fluoride contained mouthwash. However, you should refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least 2 hours after using a mouthwash.

Should You Floss?

Regular flossing prevents tooth decay and avoids periodontal disease. Research studies show that flossing plays a key role in prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Flossing also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Flossing can indeed be a tedious activity. However, it can be done easily using a water flosser or an electric flosser (interdental cleaner). A water flosser uses water pressure to remove the plaque between the teeth. Daily flossing is extremely important if you want desirable results while using a teeth whitening product.

What Is the Need to Visit a Dentist?

People in general have an intense fear of visiting a dentist. You may not be aware of the fact that cavities might be already there at the back of your teeth! The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist at least more than 2 times in a yearly basis for maintaining proper oral health. In case you want a dental implant, you may have no option but to visit the dentist. Specialized equipment is used by dentists to remove tartar and plaque while cleaning your mouth. Regular dental checkup prevents spreading of dental problems. Gum diseases also occur from improper food habits which may lead to serious health ailments and tooth loss. A good dentist successfully treats dental problems by spotting them early. Before starting treatment, it is beneficial to have a small discussion with your dentist. You should refrain from going to a dentist who would charge unjustly and perform unnecessary tests.

A healthy set of teeth enhances your personality and look. You can ensure effective oral health once you keep the above mentioned things in mind.

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