Incompetent? Am I?

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Incompetent – adjective; “Inadequate for or unsuited to a particular purpose or application…”

I survived being a staff nurse for almost four years at a tertiary hospital near our house. Four years of tedious training, hardships and fruitful experience. From being a novice post-graduate to a fully-pledged staff; From IV insertion to complex task such as advanced cardiac life support; From giving simple oral to onco/chemotherapeutic drugs. Name it, we have all done it one way or another…

Our parents might worked so hard just to meet the ever high tuition fee and miscellaneous fees during our college days. After graduation, you may have spent a little more of your own money and effort on trainings just to keep you up to date with the standards. We pursue “perfection”; because life is at stake. Life is on the line – not only theirs but even our own…

“Sooo incompetent…”

It hurts when someone told you that you are incompetent. Even when you are doing the best that you can possibly do, give them the most of your time even when your handling a lot of sick patients, your effort seems not enough for them. After all of the trainings, after a lot of sweat and tears you gave to this profession/vocation – they don’t give a damn. They don’t care, they “Pay”.

Sadly, nurses nowadays are taken for granted. We are treated with less respect, less pay, and less of a person… 🙁

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  • reyann red

    i feel your pain, sometimes people reaaallllyyyy look down on us and when we get fed up with their treatment they say were unprofessional. oh well just another life of a nurse. as we say in the hospital where i work – added good points to saint peter! lolz! ^^,

  • tony acuna

    your profession,how noble it is,is always and will always be @ the receiving end. you are to deal your patient(s) with take a short step forward,you are unprofessional,take a small step backward,you are incompetent.always stay at the dividing line.goodluck and God bless to all the filipino nurses around the world who are called to suffer while performing their noble profession

  • AML

    The problem with people is that they don’t appreciate what you do for they, they don’t know how hard a nurse’s work is, they think its easy, plus they discriminate. just because of a few bad eggs they generalized a whole race for being something that is totally not true.