International Nurse: Shattered Dreams

international nurse

Bagong graduate ako ng highschool noong year 2004. I was one of the outstanding students in my class sa kapanahunang yun. Ang balak ko sana Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but sadly, during that time, NURSING course was the talk of the town. My family and my best friend chose Nursing kaya parang nagustuhan ko rin. I took several entrance exams with B.S. Accountancy as my first choice and Nursing as the second one.

I ended up as a nurse. During those four years of studying nursing, I had been a good student and natutunan ko na ring mahalin ang kurso ko. I visualized my career as successful one. My goal after grad was to pass my board and granted naman dahil one take lang ako. I aspired to pass NCLEX as well but unfortunately didn’t have time to pursue. I enrolled for Master in Public Health but after 12 units, na feel ko na rin na mahirap ang walang work and umaasa sa magulang. I have sisters and brothers who were in college and I know nahihirapan din parents ko to comply with our needs. My tuition for just 12 units sa masters aabot ng 20 thousand. At the same time nag vovolunteer ako.. During that time, at peak yung demand sa UK student permit that even my Clinical Instructors took that opportunity. I decided to shift my kapalaran. I envy my classmates and my CI’s who were abroad. I applied together with my best friend sa London and granted naman visa ko. Unfortunately, nadeny friend ko .

I was so inspired and full of dreams; akala ko madali lang. I dreamed of pursuing my Nursing career sa UK. Being a student in UK and a health care assistant, ok naman naging buhay ko. I worked as health care assistant sa isang malaking nursing home and part-time nursing assistant sa isang prestigious orthopaedic hospital sa London. I met friends mostly nurses back home in the Philippines. I have heard their stories and almost the same sa akin. No employment and pagod sa kavovolunteer sa ‘Pinas. Most of us umaasa na maging nurse sa UK. Habang nandoon , I did try to complete their Nursing requirements. NMC tawag nila.. IELTS and yung experience .. But sadly, mahirap makakuha ng working visa. Kailangan may mag sponsor. LONDON , UK is such a great place to live but expensive. Sa first world countries, one of the best option to be a nurse is either UK or New Zealand , dyan ang pinakamadaling way to be an international nurse kasi walang NCLEX or board exam. As long as complete ang requirements hen you can submit for competency. Yun nga lang most na problema ng karamihang Philippine nurses in UK is IELTS. Everybody is aiming for 7 bond all over score. Ang sa akin ok naman sana kaso writing ng IELTS, mahirap makakuha ng 7 bond. Halos lahat kami ng friends ko, hanggang 6.5 yung binibigay na score sa writing although mataas naman yung iba. I have stayed almost two years sa UK. With that span of time, kahit di ko napractice ang RN title ko atleast I am still in Nursing line of duty. I have planned of retaking my IElts but unti-unti humihirap na din situation namin as student in UK. Still, I am thankful na kahit bawal I am working as full time with two different institution . I have finished my Health and social care for adults, NVQ 3. Sa hirap ng visa status, I decided to apply sa Canada.

Kinausap ko sister and bro ko to sponsor me and after less than two months , I received my working visa sa Canada as Caregiver. I didn’t expect na ganoon kabilis. At first trial lang pag aayos ko ng papers ko sa London para sa Canada kasi deep inside I am not sure kung mabibigyan ako ng visa plus the fact na di ko sineryoso yung pag-aayos ng papers ko. I love London and I wanted to become a nurse doon. Sadly, dahil sa walang kasiguraduhan yung visa status ko,I chose to leave the country and from there fly ako agad sa Canada although I still had one year valid visa pa sa UK.

Pagdating sa Alberta, Canada, I was not so sure how is the employment but I have heard and read na mahirap na rin. In some province, mahirap ang employment. Alberta gives higher pay as what I have read. I tried to inquire but the least I can be for the meantime is to become an LPN. Licensed Practical Nurse, not as Regsitered Nurse. I have called CARNA and read sa requirement na at least 1250 hours needed sa clinical experience which kulang talaga ako in terms of clinical hours experience. I needed half of that pero di naman pwede gumawa ng peke mahirap na. If ever I will pursue sa RN, I need to submit sa IQUAS ng Canada for assessment and ganoon din, I needed to upgrade ng two years before I will be considered as international student. Di ko kaya so I’m planning to take LPN first.

Kung mahirap sa London, di hamak na mas mahirap dito sa Canada. At least sa London, I can work as nursing assistant using my Nursing degree in the Philippines but Canada is more strict in terms of Education. Habang nagtratrabaho ako dito, I have realized that I should not cease on pursuing my nursing dream. Kaya I started all over again, I inquired and slowly I complied with the requirements ng NORQUEST College.. Ang hirap din magsimula since ang dami kaartehan. They are very strict. You need to pass all the requirements na dapat manggaling lahat sa ‘Pinas. Inisip ko na mag give –up. Di ko alam kung kakayanin ko kasi my main problem was financial. There will be times na triple tuition fee ko as compared to normal student dito kasi working visa pa lang ako. Baka nga aabot ng more or less 20k dollar ang gagastusin ko kapag mabagsak ko yung challenge exam.. Ang LPN kasi sa Alberta, kahit registered nurse ka sa ‘Pinas, you need to do some refresher course. What I thought before I came here, pwede na maging LPN kung di magaapply ng RN but it doesn’t go that way. I need to take refresher course pala. They will assess your transcript. May mga nacarry naman na subject ko sa ‘Pinas but kailangan ko ay challenge exam to refresh daw. If ever bumagsak ako dun, I need to take a full course . Well, I’m taking a part time distance refresher course for practical nurse.

At the moment ,di ko pa nasisismulan ang challenge exam. I am taking it slow kasi problema ko din yung tuition ko.. ok lang yung pag umpisa but what if I fail some of the subject sa challenge exam then it will cost me more.. Anyhow, I made this article to reach some nursing friends here in Alberta. Hoping may katulad ako who can contact me na nag rerefresher course din. In the process kasi ng practical nurse refresher is a skills lab and I need some partner for the demonstration. I am taking part time distance course but there will be a time that I need to atted sa NOrquest . I am 5 hours away sa Edmonton where the college is but hoping makayanan ko… .

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  • karrie

    this was written last year,,, already edited and got the new one.. ii thought this was cancelled.. but still thankful napost pa rin..

  • Ed Huey

    All I can say is “WOW” all that work!… Well keep it up dreams always come true if you put time and work into it!…. GOOD LUCK!

  • Winsome

    You are in the right track Karie. Keep it up. I am not a nurse but I had a similar experience here in the US as well. I could see a bright light awaiting you at the end of the tunnel. Regards!

  • arlene

    Don’t give up..You can do it..I have been a nurse for 26 years….Worked in the Middle East for 18 years and migrated to the USA 2006 and so far life has treated us very good….During my time ( graduated BSN 1986 ) in demand pa talaga ang nurses sa kawawa mga new graduates cos puro volunteer lang…Good luck to you.

  • rhea

    ..ur article is quiet goOd..ur very determined w/ur dreamz..I knOw 1day u’ll b rm here in canada..I am a nursing grad wayback 2OO7 and as usual nO wOrk n d phil luckily I was able tO cOme here sa canada..planing tO pursue my nursing life as I really lOve tO wOrk in d hOspitals..but in terms Of financial I couldn’t just dO it nOw..I dOn’t have any relatives hre sO I have tO wOrk hard and save mOney fOr me tO b able tO pursue my dreamz as a nurse here..fOr nOw. am wOrking as a care giver in tOrOntO..
    ..thanks fOr yOur article..very inspiratiOnal and gives me sOme infOrmatiOn..GOd bless yOu and goOdluck.. :*

  • Don’t give up. Someday, you will reap the harvest of all your hardship and sacrifices. Follow the christian motto, ORA ET LABORA (pray and work) , we must balance prayer and work. Living abroad is difficult but just continue to pray and ask guidance from GOD. May your dreams come true 😉

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  • JAY

    Choosing the best college and Course for you is a significant part as you step into the professional world . Choosing a good course or degree at the right time, and in the right order, is therefore critical to your success

  • David

    Im a nurse too at bilib ako sa pinag daanan mo,i know someday you’ll eventually reach your goal because of that kind of determination.I came here in the US as an immigrant(petitioned by a hospital employer)madali pa nuon,ikaw pa bibigyan ng free plane ticket,bayad sa NCLEX review here in the US,free housing,allowance, then nag CNA muna ako while waiting for the Board exam result.After i got my license they even offered me a BMW or 50,000 just to signed their contract.Nakakalungkot ngang isipin ang mga ibang kababayan nating RN sa pinas na walang trabaho.Dont give up now,i now you can make it.

  • jona

    full of determination. i’m not a nurse.but i’m taking up Education. i’m a working student too. but i know life is really fair.. all this hardship ay magkakaron ng beautiful outcome. God is really good. basta always pray lng tau po lagi. and never give up. kahit matagalan pa ko bgo mka-graduate as long as lagi tayong na sa right track, keep on going lang.. we can make it. believe in yourself and in your dreams. Godbless.

  • kaydee

    Hi. It’s nice to find someone with same situation as mine. I’m currently taking the distance refresher course for LPN. I’m almost done with my challenge exam, just one more lab to do this Monday. We can share and assist each other if you need a partner. I live here in Edmonton.

    • Krrie

      Hi karrie here can i get your number.. Thank you fir responding… Im happy to get in touch with someone same situition….

      • Krrie

        Any fb or viber pla hehe

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