August 11, 2010

Now that the Philippine Senate is shifting focus, or at least paying a little bit of attention to our country’s education system, it is time for everyone to get involved and join the discussion. With the new administration, perhaps something positive will come out. It is true that the Philippines’ 10-year basic education system is much shorter than the international norm of 12 years. Maybe it is a good idea to adopt such education system. But is it the only system to blame?

It is common knowledge that passing rates in the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination has been in the decline for the past five years. Many fly-by-night nursing schools, as well as questionable nursing review centers, are continuing to open and many nursing schools not showing improvement in their passing rates are continuing to operate. Shouldn’t there be some form of policy enforcement done by government regulators regarding this problem?

There are too many nurses, but not many places to practice. Many nursing graduates are resorting to the now norm of paying “unscrupulous hospitals” that are taking advantage of the system. It is now common for new graduates to pay hospitals in exchange for “clinical experience”. After these so-called clinical terms, many nurses are still faced with the dilemma of not getting jobs abroad because many of the prospective employers rarely consider “unpaid clinical experiences”. There are too many nurses, a plethora of deficient nursing education programs, and very few chances to get legitimate and paid employment; where will the predicaments end?

The global Filipino nursing workforce positively affects our country economically. If Filipino nurses show greater clinical competency around the world, more job opportunities for future nurses will come with it, resulting in more foreign money coming into the country. It is just fitting that the nursing profession in particular be included in the discussion about education in the Philippines. Many people has been calling for a review of our country’s nursing school systems for many years, or maybe a review of how regulations are enforced. It is time to stop the bureaucracy and time to change the system. Limit the quantity, and instead focus on improving the quality of nursing education with the hope of producing much more competent nurses. It’s time to do the clean-up. Check the system, and check it properly. Close the worst-performing nursing schools. Isn’t it time?

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  • Anonymous

    I think the focus is how are we employing this nurses after they graduate and pass their board? Are they getting paid for what they spend for their education? We have overflowing nurses that are unemployed and it is a shame that they have to leave our country and work abroad and leaving broken families. I think we forgot that life is not all about money. It is also about families, where our culture is founded for. It is also a shame that our nurses have to pay to get experience from their career??? What is our government doing? Our country is getting poorer and poorer when in fact it is already poor as it is. Hello??? I hope President Noynoy address our nursing situation.

  • ben dimac

    the nursing school should deal and focus on main subjects like botany, zoology, biology etc. etc. no more tagalog, or phil constitution or any sugar coated subjects!! what a waste of time and $$$ !!

  • Dom

    Oftentimes, the choice of one's profession or career is dictated by money.. the Nursing profession included. It's not what one would love to do in a lifetime–it's more on the material returns one can expect out of the choice. In simple term, professions become synonimous with investments for our youth and their parents. If we can only emphasize and motivate our young students to develop and pursue a career they love, where they can devote their natural talents and interest, most of the struggles, failures and heartaches can be minimized.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think so that the nursing curicullum in the Philippines is different from USA and Canada, minsan maganda pa nga ang trainng diyan sa atin. It's a matter of dedication to the profession and adhere to what the course of program disire to achieve. here in Canada they are very strick with respect to education especially if you are in secondary school, the only way you can get to auniversity degree is to excell your grades on the last 3 years of High School, if your grades are below B you expect to go to technical course or program but funny to think the Asians always excell because they are more resourcefull and persevere to attain good standing. I see it with my kids both in honor roll in there respective class but I have observe them they are do their studies promptly and always finish homeworks and assigments on daily basis making themeselves use to doing it after that they go to other activities. Also Asians like we Filipinos do go much in extra curicullar activities like the whites. My wife is a Registerd Nurse and she did not get refresher course as the Association of nurses here required, she just take challenge Test and she passed. Me I am a Registered Professional Engineer under Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of British Columbia(APEGBC) did not go for refresher course here I just take a challenge test and I passed. By the way I graduated in FEATI University 1976 BSME. Nothing is easy and sweet especially here just do your best and persevere.

    Thank you,

    Feliciano Patena, PEng

  • Charlyn F. Lagumbay

    Yes I do agree that the elementary years of the Philippines is too short. From my point of view, the "kids" in their first year of college are no more than lost souls of what they want to be when they grow up.

    Majority of the 1st year student in nursing wear forced by parents or relatives to go to that field. Thinking the money/salary they will earn at the end is the answer to a better life. shouldn't the "kids" have a say of what they want to be?

    what does the nation need as per to Professional jobs? what are we lacking in man power or the intellectual individuals?

    While watching the news, I feel we need for more weather forecasters and teachers… jobs that parents and relatives will try their best to not let their kids go to that profession (due to lack of salary they will get at the end and have a poor life) BUT WHAT CAN WE DO? IF THAT'S WHAT THE NATION NEEDS?

    Okay some people might say that's not the jobs that the nation need right now… those two were just MY OPINION, to get it in your mind that the Filipinos are more concerned of the salary than the help you can offer to the Philippines in expense of your knowledge and capabilities.

    weather forecasters – if we invest our knowledge to know about the weather, the nation will be more prepared of when to leave their homes or what to do to make sure you are safe at home while a storm is there at your door step.

    Teachers – they are the fundamental knowledge givers. if they are treated nicely, they will teach better, if better teaching is reach… more students will learn. if more students learn, those kids will grow knowledgeable and HOPEFULLY will grow and use that knowledge to the betterment of the nation.

    My main point is this… WHAT DOES THE NATION NEED in response to professional jobs? when that information is reached, the next thing to do is how do we fill those needs? change of profession, better enticing benefits or salary, have better advertisment that THIS ARE THE JOBS WE NEED IN THIS NATION. SO NOW… WILL YOU HELP BY STUDYING A COURSE/FIELD TO GET THESE JOBS?

    one kid will say… oh my barangay needs more scientist to know how the farmers will not loose their crop when pest comes and eat their field. or one kid will say… oh my family doesn't have suitable housing, I will do my best and be a knowledgeable (certified) carpenter to give my parents (and everyone else) a safe and comfortable house.

    the list can go on…. please parents and relatives… let's not force our children into a course that is already TOO CROWDED… too many competition after graduation, that they may end up as a tambay after college.

    Don't be blinded by the salary that is transfix with each job… know more of what jobs are needed by the country.

    (I may not be educated enough to tell you what jobs are needed by our nation) BUT I'm sure our government will know that! why not ask them? "hey Mr. President, what job titles do our nation need right now? cause being in the health care or law is too crowded, can you suggest other alternative of what course I should take in college (so that when I gradute I will know I will get hired… and not be a tambay).

    Well the government said they will create jobs… what if those jobs require prerequisites and the majority of the nation does not qualify… that will create many job openings but only the few can apply from it. So that will not answer the unemployment rate of the nation…. right?

    Oh sorry I went off topic…

  • Anonymous

    we all know that there is a lot of nursing graduate. many of them was passed their board but do you think their knowledge is enough? because i was experienced a nurse she was assisting me and i was getting me in troubled because she was put more vaccine in my body which is wrong said by the doctor.i believed that we need to improve all the schools who offer this course and well trained teachers and enough hospitals where they can work too and developed and upgrade their facilities.

  • Anonymous

    I don't like to say this but… why is it that there are too many student nurses? this the salary that they will get when they go abroad as a nurse.

    haaaaa… it's so funny that majority thinks it's so wasy to get hired in other countries.

    you will have to be the best in all the resumes that they get. you will have to go though the struggle of getting a working visa… and worse of all… wyou will have to leave your love ones back home.

    So you tell me… is that the life they want? it's so tough to get into a CCN (and you pay the hospital mind you).

    then after than you will have to be hired for at least another 2 years to get the desired "payed clinical experience"

    then find an employer or agency that will take you… is that something that the majority can do?

    does the parents or relatives see the hardship they put their "kids" into? A life of competition, just to get a great and glorious PAY CHECK? what the heck!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We must not forget that nurses are the fronline of the health team. Critical thinking must be properly and cautiously internalize in order to be a competent nurse. What happened with our nursing education??? We are one of the many professions that is greatly affected by the country's major ill, " CORRUPTION"….. This illness in our profession became acute at first but because of negligence,eventually it became a chronic serious disease because we haven't treated nor consulted anyone to heal it. EVERY NURSE have a great role to do in order to uphold the nursing profession. it start with every nurse, student nurses and those who wanted to study nursing. No to bribery/corruption!!! WE DEAL WITH OUR PATIENT HOLISTICALLY THEN, WE MUST HEAL OUR PROFESSION JUST LIKE HEALING EVERY CELL OF THE HUMAN BODY IN ORDER TO BREATHE,CIRCULATE,AND FUNCTION TO THE BEST OF ITS CAPACITY…

  • Anonymous

    The government should put more funds in education, hire more well trained educators, intelligent teachers, put aside corruption and stop putting up schools that do not meet criteria of a good school. If only our government will concentrate more on education of its people, I believe as a Filipino, we are not left behind in knowledge compared to other countries. Look at what our OFWs are doing, we are all over the world especially in the Medical field but there's one thing I see, a lot of Nursing Schools are sprouting like mushrooms in the open field. It's good if these schools have a complete and modern facilities for its students to use and learn. We are on the fast track technologies now and schools as well as students need to cope up with the current time. I guess there is no need to add more years on school year since parents are really hard up financially of sending their children to school how much more if we still have to add more years to the curriculum. The best there is have a good teacher/educator/professor and a good school. Eliminate schools that have a low standard of teaching in education.

  • Anonymous

    This is so true. Nursing graduates nowadays from the Philippines are so different! Before, doctors will go out of their mind if they dont have a Filipino nurse in their rooms. Over time training has deteriorated. Too many diploma mill type of school-you dont even have to attend classes esp if you had another profession under your belt esp. doctors. Lets face it, nurses are so marketable-yan lang ang tanging paraan para naka alis ka sa 'Pinas dahil kahit gustuhin mo man, you can not even get a job for yourself if you dont know anyone in politics. In my province, any new applicant has to go through the office of the mayor!
    Regulate nursing schools now and take politics out of every single position available..after all nurses dont look at your political views, color of your skin, beliefs and social ranking in society-we are just here to help you with your ills!

  • grinpage

    Does it really matter how long the student has to stay in school in the Philippines? How about do an assessment and find out. Wait, better yet, to save us some tedious hours of analyzing and recording data, here are some points to ponder:
    I didn't even know why I passed high school in the Philippines. I was so bad in every class I couldn’t even remember the names of the subjects, and college was out of the question! But somehow I made it through college here in the U.S. and now making a decent earnings. How it came about is when I join the U.S. military and the rest was history. Now, your thoughts probably redirected to something like, ah, you just got lucky and probably a late bloomer? You may label me anything you want, but the fact-of-the-matter is that I was given a better opportunity to excel! Despite the smaller population of Filipinos in the U.S. the percentage of school drop outs are considerably smaller and always endeavor excellence. In the Philippines Filipinos with exemplary skills were outcast abroad by poverty and corruptions. The Philippine government and corruptions is the culprit! Like I said before, "Even a well developed and successful country has fiscal deficits, only difference is: their poor are well provided than Juan Dela Cruz" Therefore, it doesn't matter how long a student has to stay in school to get a better education!

  • Anonymous

    I think that the Philippine educational system works. I am a product of it. I think that it doesnt matter how long you stay in school-if you dont do what you are supposed to-you lose. Even the American system is failing their students-they rank low compared to other countries.
    I am grateful that my parents sent me to the best Nursing School in the Philippines-UST!
    Thank you.
    I think if the Nursing schools are regulated & if PRC does it's job and wont sell answers of the board exams-other countries will again trust Filipino Nurses or other professions for that matter.
    Study and train hard-thats our job!

  • Anonymous

    I think what we need (newly RN) is an opportunity where we can able to practice our profession as Staff Nurse as start, not as a volunteer who pay for hospitals for a certificate sake. In addition, some english countries prefer you have at least 1 year experience as staff nurse even in middle east. There are many unemployed RN's. What we need is a job after passing the board in our country… Hope our respected Pres. NoyNoy will do something about this.. kawawa naman yung mga parents namin na gumastos ng malaki just to finished our nursing studies and reviews..

  • caler

    wow… this article would be a very interesting and of great help to my extemporaneous speech.


    you all got good points! cherio!

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyone who can bring the problem TO OUR BELOVED AND CLEVER PRESIDENT NOYNOY for those who wants to go abroad but they cant because of the policy of no marks should seen in their X-TRAY? But if could ask doctors about it they will say its just a mark and everything is OK..Is there anybody who can help us about this problem as many opportunities abroad but we cant….One thing for sure we are healed we are healthy we are physically fit just because of this x-tray marks in our lungs we cant and it brings a very disappointing part in our lives..We are hoping the President can make a policy on it and what will be the procedures for thoe who want to work abroad but with this problem.

  • Anonymous

    the twelve year education curriculum basically is a norm to be in flow with global standards….. To make ourselves inline with such.. International Standard Operations should be observed and adapted so that as Filipinos we are globally competitive…. Indeed, adding such additional education years should also include qualitative education system and teaching methods….. Right?!!! there are a lot of non – profit schools???? fly by night institutions where in fact the board are receiving much more than teachers who are working to provide students with quality lessons…. and yet they are exempted in paying taxes…… Why these schools emerge if they are not earning from it?????!!!!! Teachers compensation on the other hand especially in private institutions are not even enough to support their daily self expenses!!! How much more if these teachers earn to feed even a few number of siblings….. If we are looking forward quality education, i suggest school facilities, development of teachers, motivational skills and scientific teaching methods should be given emphasis…… Learning by doing!!!!!!! Lets try to break the routine teaching styles…… Our government on the other hand should facilitate building of infrastructures suitable for learning.. and it should be as continous as the flow of learning not only because of political agenda or political advantages… sacrifice!!!!!!! not self satisfaction!!!!! I sometimes feel only those on power do have voices.. lets hear it from the children……. the curriculum … the stakeholders should take part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On the other nursing education should be really monitored and evaluated every now and then…. Experience wise, sad to say there are nursing schools/students/professionals who opted to take the TESDA competency assessment as a tool of to employment basically caregiving and healthcare services/nursing aides are already in demand globally.. is'nt it a degration on part of nurses who then will work as caregivers or healthcare service workers… Lets take the fact that a lot of foreign countries like Filipino nurses because of our efficiency and effectivity in providing tender loving care and yet we still need to undergo a lot or series of exam to be able to work and hired abroad….. only to become registered nurses in foreign countries…. who benefited???? and yet Philippines lack HEalthcare providers to sustain the health needs of our fellow Filipinos….. I just hope people in power and position will create an innovation in attaining and solving countries hike of problems……..


    At the height of the struggle of Filipino Nurses trying to apply for Registration with the Nursing Council where I am, I am caught between pity and reality. Having finished the course in a full 4 year term ( all with my pre-medicine background ) I was made to understand at that time that I cannot do any short cut as each major nursing subject was a pre-requisite to the next level. To my dismay, 10 years later, students with varying professions from engineers, to criminology grads, lawyers, businessmen, even medical practitioners and medical allied people were able to finish the course in 6 to 18 months time. With all awareness these people were doing full time jobs and have to report to the nursing school on weekends, take paper works home, forge signatures on their clinical experience list yet pass the board and are able to get licensure from the Commission. What with the all too good review centres who simply mastered the board questionaire word for word.

    As I see my colleagues struggle with the English Score Requirement, see them have the right heart and mind of a Nurse yet caught in the prejudices and Council limitations against them in a foreign land, my chest tightens with sorrow yet foremost in my mind is the understanding and acceptance of why and how things came to be. If I were in the Council, I myself would not want to get a half-baked nurse to take care of my people – yet hard it is to single out so many worthy Filipino nurses are caught with the general restrictions.

    Another thing that we Filipinos need to accept is our own personal limitation. Much as there are those who brag they have better English than the others, they just have to prove it by passing the test. If you cannot then you are simply not good enough. The Philippine Education system therefore has to look into their objective – what are they producing professionals for ? If it is for International market then equip the student with the right weapon to help them win and survive in the field they will be expected to be in. It takes a lot of conscience, humility, selflessness and humane consideration from the Philippine Education Commission(Body) to amend the system and move away from pure profit orientation. It takes a lot of political will to be able to stand for honest and sincere concern on the citizenry. It is my hope to see the Filipino Nurses back in the high echelon of respect and acceptance wherever we may be.

  • Anonymous

    Very good observation! But who do you think is to be blamed for the "mushrooming" of these nursing schools?… This I pose for the readers to ponder….

  • Anonymous

    a may suggest that new criculom should be focus on nursing related subjects…like ana, micro,funda, ms, comdev, psyche, maternal , and pedia.always remember that in passing the board is not depend in the school but in you…your fundamentals of learning….

  • Blackpen

    The Philippines missed the boat to take advantage of how sought after their talent and citizenry was during the IT boom in the 90's. Now the same thing is happening over again. The Philippines could have dominated the IT arena back then. But instead, because of misplaced priorities, the government opted to make it harder for the IT OFW. India's government on the other hand, promoted their IT talent. Now they are a major force in the industry. Nowadays, Filipino nurses are sought after world wide! It's hard to understand why the country does not support their own OFWs externally as well as internally. I mean, where do you think these OFWs will send all their money? and what that could mean for the country.

  • Anonymous

    Society today only looks for whats in it for me.. Hence the corruption all the way to the top Civilian and Government Officials. Until we start putting GOD first and then everything else will correct itself.. Nursing in the PI is the way for those to get ahead to break the poverty cycle. There will always be those who will prey on these individuals including Government run Hospitals ….

  • Anonymous

    It is sad to say that the root of this problem is still the rampant graft & corruption in our government. If our elected officials continue to accept bribes & turn their cheeks the other way, these kinds of unscrupulous practices in our education system & most certainly in other branches of our government will never go away. Is it our economic situation to be blamed? Or is it the degradation of individual human values? Is money the only thing we need that nothing else matters anymore? Are there anymore sincere, virtuous & patriotic people left in our government? I sure hope so; for the sake of the future of our children & our beloved country.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! Schools should be bonafide and trusted by future employers. With incompetent graduates, it will be difficult to get a job. A waste of money for those who paid the tuition to a bad school. Close all incompetent schools!

  • Anonymous

    i would say that the educational system in the Phil as of now is not good compared to the 60's for the reason that the teachers are no longer patient enough and effective in doing their jobs and they are neglected by the government.. just imagine in the elementary level.. there are at least 50 to 60 students in one classroom and how can such a good teacher effectively teach their students…? and on the other hand how can the the students learn effectively from their teachers… so that's why we produced incompetent graduates … .. this should be taking into consideration by the new government how to solve this situation….so that our graduates being the hope of the country will excel in their own fields …the government should in my opinion provides more school buildings and trained again the teachers especially in the elementary level.

  • Anonymous

    GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE hospitals are taking advantage of our nurses. They have to pay a certain amount of money just to practice their profession. The government always say that we lack health care professionals but they do nothing to solve the problem. Kung tutuusin napakaraming nurses na walang trabaho, why don't they hire them? I know a government hospital who is not paying enough for their contractual employees…no work no pay but when they work on a holiday their pays are not doubled, with no night differentials and overtime pays, compared to a regular OFFICE employee who gets all the benefits,to think that these nurses are the front liners in a hospital and exposed to all kinds of disease.

  • Anonymous

    The gov't. must focus or give more attention to all degree holder esp. nursing graduate in our country (Philippines).all expenses spent out just to finished the course is not easy to provide,how they can compensate those money used at the time when they are taking up the we need to depend to let them all go out of our country just to replace the amount they used.if the gov't.can give them chance to work with a country alone someday we'll see the big changes of our own.don't let some intelligent person apply their knowledge into other successes..i belived that the filipino graduate has carrying a good quality of their work..pls. try to give them chance lalo n yung mga walang trabaho.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it breaks my heart to see the profession i so love going to waste like this. i have been a practicing registered nurse in ireland for the last 7 years. the filipino nurses here are so well-loved. they're bowled over the fact that all nurses from the phils have a bachelor's degree and have to pass our licensure exams first. the filipino nurses are hard-working, compassionate and never afraid with the challenges the everyday workplace offers. i went home for a visit last year and was so surprised at my brother who's in third year nursing school lack of knowledge in basic pharmacology. for crying out loud, we had that to an art before we even finished third year!! i had to read all his papers and teach him myself. i told my mother is this the kind of education i'm paying for? this is what happens when they start accepting professors who are so under qualified. please go back to the weeding out potential nursing students at first year, battery exams before moving on to 2nd year 2nd term is a very useful tool. oral and written revalida for every term thereafter. and i agree with making all nurses who graduated and passed their licensure to stay in the country for 2yrs minimum to gain necessary experience. it would at least alleviate the brain drain our country is experiencing right now and to produce world class nurses like we used to. all is not lost yet, there is always hope. but we have the to start working on it now.

  • Anonymous

    Am a mother of a Nursing graduate… when my daughter passed the Board exam I was extremely happy and so my child… only to find out that no WORK awaits her.For two years she waited for the opportunity to be in even in a local hospital but the politics is so strong…. so discouraging You have to know one to be able to be able to get in. I did not allow my daughter to land in a call center … and the worst in SM as saleslady. I always have this in mind… she needs to practice what she finish, hence I permitted her to go abroad, in Riyadh polyclinic, with a salary just enough for her. Just imagine the sacrifices that my daughter has too bear… alone.. lonely in foreign land… in a vast dessert where laws are imposed differently between males and females.I compel CHED to do something about the mushrooming of Nursing institution… why allow the opening of too many nursing schools when there is no JOB for the students after passing the Board?

  • Anonymous

    why take nursing when it is over flowing…then if you cannot get a job everyone complain. Too many courses too take. We are in need of a writer,composer,pilot, agriculture.

  • Anonymous

    in the good old days good nursing universities screens their applicants,only the upper 20% of the HS graduating class can get in pre-nursing,after the 1st year they screen them again to get in the nursing program,back then universities get 100% board passers.and nurses can easily pass their international requirements and are competent RN's abroad which the filipino nurses are sought after.these days that reputation was tarnished by cheating fiasco in the local board,incompetent nursing schools and the list go on….even the filipino reputation of the nurses were put in question.hoping the new government will find solution to these problems.

  • Anonymous

    1.CHED should strictly regulate nursing schools in the Phil. Close substandard nursing program ASAP.This will eventually solve the problem of mass production of nursing graduates.
    2.There should be a commission to evaluate the real purpose of Philippine nursing program. Is it solely for " Overseas employment " or to help alleviate the health crisis in our own country? It's upsetting to know that the best of our graduates leave the country and yet ,there are so many poor communities in our own country deprived of any basic healthcare( watch Biyaheng Totoo ).
    3.Our government should stop hospitals from charging these neophyte nurses for the experience; Is this even legal?
    4.Increase the basic salary of Filipino nurses so they'll have incentives to stay in their own country.

  • Anonymous

    I still consider Philippines as the best product of nurses,just a bit disappointed because of the Low salary these private nurses are receiving,i have tried applying in the government sector but since i don't have strong "BACKUP",i have no other choice but to sacrifice my family and work in middle East to give my son a good education.With our new government,i'm still hopeful that Filipino nurses will have increase basic salary so i can go home and be with my family and serve my own countrymen…

  • Anonymous

    As what we can see we filipinos are mostly addressed by foriengers as servarts.
    They say,we can't stand with our nation, we're living in there shadows. The best country ,the number one producer of servants …

  • cee dee

    organization is the answer to everything….organize our government,hospitals, schools and curriculums.

  • Anonymous

    the phil.goverment only serves who are close the table…i left a long long time ago and never looked back…

  • Anonymous

    why the low national passing? becoz schools no longer require the National College Entrance Exam, anybody can get the course they like or what their parents want them to take,even if they dont meet the standard as long as they have the money to pay for college. Some School no longer pre-select their students.. Its biznes now not the education . How can we be at par with the schools of other countries when our system and gov dont step up and raise the bar to force its people to strive and excel..

  • Anonymous

    as an RN _ I take personal pride in this profession! This is one profession that takes a lot of passion and requires knowledge, expertise and skills. Let no man tells you otherwise.
    Entry level for getting into the program must be the standardized and regulated. Number of applicants must be limited and screened. Nursing Curriculum must be reviewed regularly. Universities and colleges that offers Nursing program must have clinical instructors that are experts both in the classroom and in the clinical area.
    Nursing is an excellent profession. That opens door of many opportunities and avenues_ be it in the classroom, office,research,hospital and clinics,military,marketing,mission, leadership and management. The lists goes on… this is a competitive profession.
    Be proactive! Be involved!