it’s been a while :)

Its been a while since the time i took the promising NLE. It is really hard, i experienced lots of hardship for me to be able to gain all the knowledge for me to pass it.

I know all RN’s was able to experienced the same thing. And now? Another hardship is above all nurses. That is the lack of opportunity to practice our profession. But hey RN! wake up! Compare the hardships that we do have when we were still students!!!!! All the case presentations, all the NCP’s, all the journals and everything, alsothe clinical instructors who gave additional 200lbs to our burden. Compare those things to the thing that we are experiencing right now. Lack of job? Yes, i myself experience that, but hey! What is the art of nursing. Its all about care. So nurses actually thousands of words isn’t enough for me to wake you up all that we are all winners!!! Winners in giving our time tto care for people, and giving ourlives for our profession. So don’t lose hope, our time will come! Care before money, God before luxury, and look, 2 to 5 years from nw, we’ll call ourselves not just a nurse, but a HELPER OF GOD! 🙂 ALL HAIL RN’S!!!

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