“It’s Not What You Know, But Whom You Know and Who Knows You”

Personal life. I am very vocal. I update my Facebook status everyday and i enjoy tweeting. I often received feedback that I flood too much. My brother says that my status is rubbish. So…you call it rubbish when friends click the like button and comment on your status? I don’t think so. 😀 I don’t blog much but I make sure that my English Communication skills are in excellent shape and I thank social networking sites for that. These are the few hints of my personal life and having an entry with you guys will make the most of it. 🙂

Nursing life. ta-da! I’m a board passer of the PNLE last November 29-30, 2009. My percentage rate isn’t that much higher but I’m proud of it. I suffered from intra-cranial hemorrhage back then when I took the exam. LOL. Kidding aside. I am currently affiliated as a Volunteer Nurse here at our provincial hospital. I enjoy my stay and my staff nurses boost my self confidence meter up. My working diagnosis for me would be “increase self-esteem related to repeated positive feedback, resulting in increased self-worth.” I must say that though I am volunteering, they train us so well like all nursing procedures are hands-on. We are on-rotation every month. I was rotated to OB Ward, Medical-Surgical Ward, OPD, Medicine Ward, and Emergency Room. When I was in college, I never liked ER. Seriously guys. I dislike the idea of sudden, unexpected cases such as vehicular accidents, DOA (dead on arrival) or even Mr. Koch’s P.! It was challenging my limbic system and my tear-duct is like starting to swell. But having rotated at ER last May, I major major loved the area! 😀

But too much for the enjoyment, I am still staying with my parents under the same red roof. I am not Nicole Scherzinger of PCD–I mustn’t stick you forever! I am 22, and I must be earning and save for my future. Some nurses even pay for their training and work experience. It’s really fine with me to work unpaid and I will get the training certificate that I will need just like a paid-employee. It’s just that yes I don’t get paid, but I-will-pay-you-guys-to-work-for-you is pretty much insane. We basically need nurses in our health care delivery system but our government can’t hire more nurses because of lack of funds. The government says that there are no rooms for new nurses. I don’t think so. I am a volunteer nurse, because of lack of funds of our own government. I don’t even receive any meal or transportation allowance. Again, same reason, because of lack of funds. Then here comes the son of the vice mayor’s best friend and the daughter of a 4-storeyed house and even a guy who took the board exam twice. Applied yesterday, hired today, paid every 15th and 30th of the month though he/she/it is a novice. Wew! Lack of funds eh? No offense guys. But that fact is very alarming. I was overjoyed when Pinoy said “walang padrino padrino” but I said to myself; let’s go search our own padrino/bestfriend. hihi Seriously guys, it makes me think, “What is really my edge among any other nurses?”

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  • your edge is your spirit! i was once a volunteer too, and then later got nursing jobs with low salaries. but now im working abroad and earning quite okay. your time will come too, just keep that spirit high!

  • tink

    im too young so i dnt wanna complain about these adversities ^^ in god’s time, il be one of you guys… soaring high ^^

  • john

    Well, that’s the reality! Success can be achieved thru 3C’s– Cash, CONNECTION and Courage.. any of them cant stand alone..