It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

One of the social-diseases of our country is Nepotism, and it is very common in both private and government institutions. It is safe to say that when you know of someone, a relative perhaps with a high position in a certain institution and you are aiming to get a job, everything will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Getting a job nowadays especially in the nursing career is as difficult as passing through the hole of a needle. Your license as a nurse is not a guarantee that there’s a job ahead of you, even a Masters Degree will not help you. You maybe have the best experience among others, or you maybe better than them, but still it won’t get you there. The only thing that matters now are the influential people behind you, even though you lack the experience to do the job and may even be totally incompetent and unsuitable for it, but if you have the connections, you will surely get the job.

What will happen to those competent nurses without any connections? How long are they going to suffer from unemployment? How long are they going to prove to those selfish employers/admins/institutions that they are worth to hire? There are a lot of nurses who are victims of this social disease and what’s left for them are frustrations. I pity those nurses who doesn’t have any backer/connections and I pity myself for being one of them.

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  • Sad but true… Don’t loose hope though. What goes around, comes around. Keep working hard and fulfill the oath you’ve taken when you became a Full Pledged Registered Nurse and eventually all hard work will pay off! GODBLESS

  • Vedasto

    Although I’m not a nurse, I would like to join the discussion. One way to realize or make your dream come true is to organize yourselves into a COOPERATIVE . Once organized, raise the necessary funding and set up the clinic or whatever you call it and operate the business. Start small and expand it later on. Once operational, access to funding is easy. With just 15 initial members, you can register your coop with the Cooperative Development Authority.

    • mabelRNMAN

      @vedasto:sounds good….

    • actually there is already an existing COOP for nurses and it specializes on delivery clinic or lying-in…i do not know the complete details about this coop but i guess it could help a bit..