Job Hunting Tips For Experienced Nurses

Older nurse (Photo credit: dreamstime)
Older nurse (Photo credit: dreamstime)
Older nurse (Photo credit: dreamstime)
Older nurse (Photo credit: dreamstime)

This article is for nurses who have been in the nursing profession for quite some time now. If you happen to be one, then read on.

Every once in a while, a new, younger nurse gets hired in your workplace. While other older nurses do not think of it as a big deal, some do. Perhaps because it makes older nurses feel a bit insecure. This negativity should be diminished, as there is no reason for you to feel this way. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You are older and wiser.

Wisdom comes to us when we are older. You have ‘been there, done that’ and probably have had more experience than them. You have gone through many life lessons and experiences that the younger batch has yet to undergo. Your life experience can even give you a chance to help younger nurses learn more about their new profession. What you offer is your maturity and life knowledge. And that’s not something that can be found in textbooks. That is what makes you irreplaceable. Young nurses have many things to learn and they can learn from you and your guidance.

2. You have a longer work experience.

The many years that you have invested in the nursing profession gives give you work experience that younger nurses still don’t have. This makes your resume more impressive and remarkable. Your years in the field also have allowed you to meet and know people. You have more connections and such connections can significantly help you if you are planning to make reference letters. You see death or near death situations everyday for so many years that your work experience also makes you feel more thankful for the gift of life.

To be honest, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel insecure about younger nurses. Embrace being “old”, as this means you are mature and experienced. This means that you are more focused than ever before. Try to keep a positive attitude in the workplace. New nurses look up to you with respect. Show them how real nurses should act. Be a mentor and give advice or help to younger nurses who are still unsure of what they ought to do at work.

If you have been working as a nurse for many years, you deserve a pat on the back. This means that you really have the gift for caring and assisting people.

Be happy with your nursing experience and extend that happiness towards the younger nurses.

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