Jumpstart Your 2014!

(A/N: It’s the start of the year, and I felt sharing this post that I made in my blog almost 3 years ago..  I hope this would help you look forward to 2014 with high hopes! )

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Have you ever felt liking or wanting a certain thing with all your heart? It may be a thing or a person–doesn’t matter, as long as you really wish to have it with all your heart?  Have you ever felt that way to something even for once?I can’t say that I haven’t because at some point in my life, I know that I had.  It’s as if a certain desire is fueled up suddenly inside you.

Like the lighting of a fire. Once it is ignited, the fire will keep on burning- that is, as long as you want it to–if you so desired.

Isn’t it an exciting feeling? The sudden skip of a heartbeat,  the feeling of having butterflies on your stomach, you crossing your fingers for the best of luck, or maybe having an *induced* tachycardia. The more you feel the desire fueled up inside you, the more you are motivated to achieve/get/have that “SOMETHING”.

Maybe it can be a long-lost dream, a material thing that you’ve always wanted, a past love that you couldn’t quite forget and so you take your second/third/fourth chance, or maybe its just something that you want yourself to have– a simple token perhaps; but what you consider as something worth having in your life.

The road to get that SOMETHING that you wish to have/achieve is not always an easy one. You would face trials and failures that would test how far you are willing to go to achieve and acquire that thing that your heart truly desires.

At times, you’d feel like giving up; that what you want is unreachable and what you want is nothing but a dream that would lead you nowhere. BUT EVEN IF IF YOU ARE FACED WITH THESE CHALLENGES, DON’T GIVE UP.

You just have to take an active risk. Don’t be like other people who’d give up easily because they wouldn’t want any change in the world that they’ve grown used to.

At times, yes, you may fail. But it doesn’t mean that it ends there. It is only a part of the journey of getting there and getting it right. Its not on whether how many times you’d fall down, but on how many times you get up and try harder. Don’t be afraid. Take that risk. Bear your scars as if they are medals–worthy to be proud of.

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting what you really want through your hardships and perseverance.  At least, in the end, even if you can’t get it, you won’t have any regrets, you can tell yourself that at the very least, you have given your best shot at it and have done what you can.

Always bear in mind, that there is nothing impossible as ling as we wish it with all our hearts and do everything that we can to achieve it.

Doing your best at everything that you do will always make you happy, trust me. 🙂

Have a great year ahead everyone! 🙂

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