Kish Island for Dummies

At Kish Island (Photo credit: kabayanweekly)
At Kish Island (Photo credit: kabayanweekly)
  1. Bring enough MTRCB prohibited materials for you and your roommates to feast on.
  2. Pack your luggage full of amazing stories just to ease the boredom.
  3. The bed bugsmight be Iranis by nature, but they are already kayumanggi by color due to all of the Filipinos that they have bitten.

    At Kish Island (Photo credit: kabayanweekly)
    At Kish Island (Photo credit: kabayanweekly)
  4. Don’t believe everything that your PRO is saying.
  5. The meaning of A to A is no longer Airport to Airport… It’s now officially April to August.
  6. Use a formula of multiplicative mathematical operation for your visa to be released.
  7. Stick to your own kind, but always be cautious.
  8. Try to have fun! You’re on a vacation.
  9. From one senseless topic to a more pointless subject. Ganyan lang pag-uusapan niyo.
  10. Mag-ingat sa mga noodles and delata raiders.
  11. Lahat kayo sa islang yun ay walang mga BISA! Literally… =)
  12. Life is hard… It’s harder when you’re in that island.
  13. It’s either you’re on FISH diet or PACHAM menu.
  14. A cupful of rice… is good for the rest of the day.
  15. Experience dial-up internet once again.
  16. Super Saiyan ka pagbalik mo sa UAE… Ang isang araw sa islang ‘yun ay isang taon sa totoong mundo.
  17. Experience the Filipino context of “TRUE BROTHERHOOD” and “BAYANIHAN” all over again…


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