Know How to Drop Weight Fast With These 10 Secrets

On losing weight (Photo credit: weightlosstipsformens)
On losing weight (Photo credit: weightlosstipsformens)
On losing weight (Photo credit: weightlosstipsformens)
On losing weight (Photo credit: weightlosstipsformens)

Having trouble losing weight? Many folks struggle with their motivation to lose weight simply by making it way harder than it can be. It doesn’t have to be a chore to shed pounds! Here are some really easy tips to include in your diet plan. You’ll know how to drop weight fast with these 10 secrets to losing weight:

1. Watch your portion sizes: If there is less food on your plate, you WILL eat less. One thing I like to do is use a smaller plate. It sounds simple because it is. And it works! Portions are especially an issue at restaurants. The portions are much, much larger than most bodies actually need. We’ve gotten used to the big plates and giant portions. But, that just makes us eat more! When you’re eating out, try to be more aware of the amount of food you actually need to feel satisfied and full. And, eat only that much.

2. Plan your meals: You will stay inside of the boundaries of your diet if you plan your meals ahead of time. You’ll snack less. And you’ll avoid hunger pangs. If you’re on a strict diet, make a schedule of meals and shop accordingly.

3. Treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a reward for keeping to the plan. If you have regular cravings, try to keep those in mind and reward yourself for sticking to the diet. This will give you encouragement to continue. If chocolate is your vice, eat a small dose of dark chocolate. In the mood for ice cream? Eat a low calorie portion of low fat ice cream. You’re be far more motivated to lose weight if you are enjoying the food you eat.

4. Don’t drink liquor with meals. There are lots of empty calories in liquor. But it also tends to lower our inhibitions to overeat at meals. If you’ve been working hard all day at sticking with your diet, you would be remiss to undo it at dinner time. Drinking liquor also fills you up with empty calories so you may end up missing out on the healthy foods you need for dropping pounds.

5. Eat more often. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, try breaking it up with 6 smaller meals throughout the day. This keeps your blood sugar at a steady level and reduces cravings throughout the day.

6. Read labels when you shop. Some foods you think are healthy in fact, are not. When you’re doing your grocery shopping, read the labels; you will be surprised at what you find. Use the labels to calculate fat and calories to make sure you are eating healthy meals and not just getting full of junk calories that will make it harder for you to lose pounds.

7. Take vitamins and supplements. Many nutrients like magnesium, melatonin, and fish oil can be very beneficial to weight loss. Know your body’s needs and you can lose weight without even trying!

8. Lose weight in numbers. Surround yourself with people with like-minded weight loss goals. Workout with a friend and you can support one another in the journey. Talking about the successes and struggles you’re facing can really help with motivation. You might even considering joining a weight loss support group. They can help you with goals and give you accountability for when you break a diet. You’ll likely find new friends!

9. Take a walk. Just regularly taking a quick walk around the block or neighborhood can be enough to get your body moving and shed pounds. Feeling active and purposeful in your weight loss journey is essential. Walking is really good for you! Its a great, low impact exercise. Walking can give a kick start to your metabolism and help you burn calories far more efficiently than just eating healthy.

10. Lose fat not muscle. Know the difference. You can avoid losing muscle by including cardio and strength training to your diet plan. If you don’t, your body’s natural response will be to burn off muscle. And that’s not good.

You’ll know how to drop weight fast with these 10 secrets to losing weight. If you can keep your motivation to lose weight your goals will be more attainable. Want to know more great tips to lose weight you might want to grab a FREE copy of ‘The Digest”. Its a quick-start weight loss blueprint. Get it for free here:

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