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Nurse in scrub suit (Photo credit: blogappetite)
Nurse in scrub suit (Photo credit: blogappetite)

 One time, I was from duty, so tired that I did not change my scrub suit with my white uniform and left the hospital. I decided to ride an FX going home so I will be able to take a nap even for a short time, then a heard a cute little girl asking her mom whispering, “mommy, is she a yaya?”. That caught my attention (kawindang). I looked at her mom and gave a timid smile.  Her mom just showed her a quiet sign (her index finger on her lips) and said, “shhhhh”.  Quite bothered that time, as if I must explain to the child what I really am. I just then thought, maybe I really look like one, exhausted and did not even comb my hair. I just focused with what I want which was to go home and take some rest.

Nurse in scrub suit        (Photo credit: blogappetite)
Nurse in scrub suit (Photo credit: blogappetite)

The next day, same scenario, with my scrub, I went to a beauty parlor. When I opened the door, duh! The hairdressers’ clothing was not far the same as mine. I blushed but, I really need my hair done. Ok lang! I belong.

We can see people in scrubs anywhere: in the SPA, barber shops, derm clinics, hotels for housekeeping and even porters. No big deal they also have the right to wear such. No offense for us health workers, but that is also their uniforms. Whether they like it or not, they have to follow their employers.

A lady in scrub was cuddling a baby in her arms while sitting right next to a group of nursing students. Then suddenly a student uttered these words: “kaya nakakawalang gana ang nursing. It’s because kung sino sino na lang nag susuot ng scrub suit which is definitely for nurses (health workers) only”. Unfortunately, the lady with the scrub heard it and said, “you are still a student, yet acts as if you already have the right to wear the so-called scrub suit as what I have now.  I’m a registered nurse for years, but not ashamed of what I do. I’m a private nurse, anyway. Beware, sana pagka-graduate mo makapagsuot ka pa rin ng scrub and be called RN”. The student was astonished, talked no more and left.

Lesson: Be humble! Humility counts!

PS: The last part was just an upshot of my imagination yet might happen in real life.

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i love to read and write..thanx DF for publishing my articles.. been inspired since my first article (Taking care of tiny lives) was approved.. "hindi mahirap ang bawat gawain kung laging isasapuso natin"..
  • Oryxman8888

    Yes sometimes Nursing students act like they are the only people that could study NURSING and with out knowing the RN wearing scrub and work as Nanny in her view which is not because she was PRIVATE NURSE is really bad to say something ridiculous,lesson to learn as student we need to practice humility and respect everyone else so when you graduate and become RN like us you will be proud and worthy to be called NURSE….

    • indeed..
      nursing students must practice humbleness and humilityso that they will be used to it and be a good nurse afterwards..

      • Oryxman

        Yes Nursing doesnt mean going to US,EUROPE,MIDDLE EAST,NEW ZEALAND,CANADA,AUSTRALIA being Nurse means serving those who needs our TENDER LOVING CARE with out any prejudice,and be humble and stay the same till you become a Registered Nurse and when you serve your COUNTRY then go anywhere you wanted to go…because the moment you leave PHILIPPINES you will never look back and dont want to stay like when you start working back home….HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE….