Legal is Never ALWAYS Ethical

Abortion has already been legalized in some parts of the world today. As a nurse and a human being, I think I am entitled to a right of freedom to tell what I have to say and to be firm to things I have taken a stand for…


I could compare abortion to the latest Nokia and Samsung phone models that are already out in the market. These gadgets are very popular. They are found to almost all members of the young generation. You could frequently hear that familiar clicking sound the Nokia and Samsung way! On the other hand, abortion is considered as the hottest issue for the young people, next to sex (no wonder… in my personal opinion, these two things coexist with one another)! Similar and sad to say, this is very common and usual to youngsters as well…

I have learned that certain abortion acts, though acts of developing life destruction are sometimes justifiable by certain circumstances. I have gone through such types wherein abortion is medically advised to save the life of the woman or when chances of living for the baby is at risk and can therefore be of no good. Darn! We pay doctors and other medical people to save life. I don’t see the point why at times, abortion should become an SOP without even trying to restore and revive life. I know that these situations, are critical but it pains me to think that we really have to decide. If one opted to withdraw the chances of survival for the baby to save the mother (and vice- versa), where is the act of love there… if you opted to relegate and deprive survival from another?

I hate to be biased but I personally hate abortion. Obvious at it seems… The problem at present is that teenagers who “do it” treat abortion as the only and easiest way out. I always mock on them! Iligo ninyo na lang yan kaysa naman sa tunaw na lang kayo nang tunaw ng laman… “Laman” is the colloquial term for the developing life inside the woman’s womb. I still want to take a stand that you should be responsible for your action. Having sex in the context of teenage pregnancy, for instance, is certainly a voluntary act because no one is forcing either of the two parties involved to make out. It is indeed voluntary because all of them claim the satisfaction and the pleasure the “extra- curricular activity” gives. A voluntary action is constituted with the covert act itself, the MOTIF, and the responsibility taken for the consequence of the action. Many of them use abortion to satisfy the last condition.

I have certain points in my mind. First, I strongly believe that a child is a gift however one may look at it. Taken into consideration that sex was done out of the context of marriage, it won’t be rightful to use abortion as an excuse and as a way out. Hindi maitutuwid ng isa pang pagkakamali ang naunang pagkakasala. Some claim that it is more righteous to prevent another life to sprout than let it be taken cared of by the “irresponsible” who might show hostility to the unwanted child and whom are not capable to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.. I can’t imagine why people of such kind perceive abortion as something in compliance to one’s duties and obligations. I certainly disagree to their claims because the mere act itself is not an act of compliance but an act of cruelty for life and cowardice. Second, I perceive abortion as a result of a failure to do a right action- that is to prevent one’s self from being absorbed to sexual indulgence.

Many might say that opinions on abortion vary from one perspective to another and is therefore situational. It is ok if it will produce favorable results… Evil resides from the absence of goodness. And it is very unfair to take ones situation as a justification concealing evil. There are things that need not to be made universal.

I am Tina Siuagan. I am a Registered Nurse who was one of the successful examinees to pass the November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination. I am a simple person who loves to try extraordinary things. I love to have fun (clean fun) and to keep things in a positive perspective. Please let me know what you think of my works. You can send me an email at [email protected] (same email is used for my Facebook account). ROCK ON! 😀

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  • nyogski

    Very well said Tina! Rock On!!!!

  • DP

    When the topic is abortion, those who committed unprotected sex will suddenly pop out on everyone's mind. Though there are people who chose to abort those babies because of their selfish reasons, there are also people who found themselves in way too different situation.

    There's this biography film about a Jewish physician during WW2. If you're a Jewish in a Nazi camp and you're pregnant, that's the end not just for you but also for the baby.

    Dr. Perl aborted the babies of her fellow inmates at Auschwitz to save the mothers. Why? Because there's this psycho named Josef Mengele who experimented with Non-Aryans especially the pregnant, identical twins, people with dwarfism, and homosexuals.

    To save those women, Dr. Perl had no choice but to abort the baby instead of allowing Mengele to make lab rats out of those women.

    ro-life din ako. Di ako favor sa abortion.

    Pero ayoko magsalita para sa mga babae. Hindi ko alam ang pinagdadaanan ng mga ina na may mga maliliit pang anak at kasalukuyang pinagbubuntis ang bata na panganib sa buhay nila.

    Hindi ko rin alam ang pinagdadaanang personal ng mga rape at incest victims. Kaya wala akong right magsalita kung moral ba o immoral ang magpa-abort sa ganung pagkakataon.

  • Migo

    Opinions are great speakers of one’s thought whatever the point is. There’s nothing wrong or right but in a sense that we all know what’s good for us and what’s bad it’s definitely the will that give us choices in life…

    And it’s true that abortion does have advantages and disadvantages it’s just a matter of choice what’s gonna fall in place in a certain situation by means of decision, a wise decision… but whatever their choices then they should accept whatever the outcome may it be positive or negative…

    It’s not for us to give our judgment because we don’t have the right position to do that…

    It’s their will… then so be it then accept the consequences. It’s maybe suffering or happiness. It’s merely by Choice. 🙂