Letters to Self: Journey to Being a Great Nurse

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Dear ________,

You’ve got to start reading. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Sure, studying can be put off for later, you can finish your college life by just merely meeting the standards of mediocrity. You can graduate with just an “ok” grade. But would you not regret things that could have been if you’ve tried a little harder? If you put on an extra effort, you know that you can do better.You can’t say that you’ll help in changing the world if you don’t even make an effort to change yourself, right? 

You promised you’ve been planning to review your subjects but when really was the last time that you’ve actually read and re-read your notes? Last week? Last month?

Don’t blame any external factors if weren’t able to answer your professor or your graded recitation; or if you weren’t able to pass your term paper on time. You say it’s because there’s little time for you to review or because of the fast and boring lecturer last week, or because you can’t keep yourself from logging on to your favorite social site (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Instagram, Blogger or whatever site that keeps you from doing that homework) or because of your favorite drama that kept you from doing what you ought to do.You have the tendency to blame others but can you just stop for a little while and think again?Haven’t you got any part and fault in that also?

You are the one responsible for your actions but why do you point out on others?

  • If only you’ve read your lessons that night.
  • If only you’ve listened to your teacher explaining.
  • If only you’ve ignored the gossip of your seatmate and concentrated more on the discussion.
  • If only you’ve tried a little harder and made an extra effort.

If only…So many ifs. So many could-have-beens and would-have-beens.

Think of this scenario if you would keep on doing that..

Are you just going to wait until its only a month before the board exams before you start to actually study and indulge yourself to what you are reading?You cannot cover so much to study on short notice. You can freak out, feel depressed or feel nothing at all then. But you can NEVER back out nor turn back lost time. You can’t waste your 4-year hardships just because you think that you are not prepared, nor you haven’t had enough time to prepare and study for it.THAT is a very lame excuse..

The making of nurse does not start 3-4 months before the board exam. It starts from your realization that you want to enter the realm of nursing. It then continues the moment you set foot on your chosen university until the moment your professor starts with their first lesson. It continues your very last one year in college.So why nag that a 3-month review is too short a preparation when in reality the review and preparation started way too long ago? You probably were just too preoccupied and claimed that you were too busy to notice that time flies quickly not realizing the importance of every second.

Professors keep on reminding students to read. Read. Read. Read. That’s all. Because they care for you. They want what’s best for you. They know and see that you’ve got the potentials inside you. They know you can do better. It’s just that, sometimes, you tend to do unnecessary things and take the more important things for granted.You say there’s always tomorrow.You say you can always do things later.But what if suddenly there’s no tomorrow?How can you be so confident on tomorrow if you don’t even know if there’s still tomorrow for you? You can only assume. But you can NEVER be so sure of it.What you have to do is to exert our freakin’ best today. For what tomorrow will bring to us are only the products of what we do today. Nothing more. Nothing less.So do what you can do today. Or you’ll regret later.

The making of a nurse is not an overnight process nor is it a piece of cake. It is a tiring journey and you constantly have to motivate yourself to keep going forward.It only takes a matter of balance and time management on what you are doing.Being a nurse is never easy. But throughout the journey, even with the hardships (the sleepless nights, stressful duties and the like), you get the prize of fulfillment that if you study hard and become a successful nurse someday, you can surely make a difference in someone’s life..

Nurses may not be angels. But they are one of the next best thing in life.


Nurse Z.  🙂

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