Life Is a Climb

Climber in a mountain called life (Photo credit: eons)
Climber in a mountain called life (Photo credit: eons)
Climber in a mountain called life (Photo credit: eons)
Climber in a mountain called life (Photo credit: eons)

Life is full of struggles, obstacles and challenges. As we journey throughout this path called “life”, we experience various things that mold us into becoming what we are, or who we are. Everyday, there would always be things that we will have to face, even some things we are afraid of.

Every single day that passes by is another day of challenge. Every sweet caress of the sun’s rays to our face is a new, different day –  a day without any similarity to any day we have experienced. Each time the moon and the sweet wind says goodnight to us is the end of one unique day, be it a day of mourn, of happiness, or of regret.

People face different day-to-day struggles in varying ways. Some people are able to gather enough courage in facing these challenges that come their way, but some get overwhelmed by fear, by anxiety and by loss of hope. Problems come and go. New challenges arise each day which add up to people’s already-full luggage of difficulties.

Some people face problems with ease; They are those who face them as they appear. There are some that seek for support, and there are those who face them silently in their own solitude. These people are able to integrate within their lives the reality that problems do exist, and these problems have solutions. A few people can say that problems are not much of a difficulty and these people are to be admired. They are able to undergo a metamorphosis of events, of thoughts, of actions, of words, of resources, and in the end, come up with the most wonderful solutions.

On the other side of the story, there are those people who seem to give up all hope in the midst of even the simplest of problems. They lose courage and are eaten by the numerous challenges before them each day. These people often lose self-esteem; some even lose hope. Never had they realized that the greatest thing they lost is their self. They lost their innate ability to grow, their innate God-given ability to face even the most serious of problems. Once people lose their identities, their principles and views towards life change. They view life not as the beautiful paradise it is, but, as the greatest nightmare they must continue to face each day.

As I was pondering about the challenges I face, I came to think about these two opposite poles of people that face problems like I do. It made me think about the different reasons why some people give up. Maybe they have their own reasons; maybe they just got tired of the repeated problems that continue to come their way. One thought that came across my mind is the fact that problems do have their solutions. Problems, as I said, come and go, and you would just have to find the right solutions, at the right moment, at the right time.

People face different problems. Some problems make us fall, they may even make us scared, make us seem to give up. I watched a movie the other day with my friends and I just loved what one character said, “Life’s a climb, but the view’s great”. The quote is simple yet meaningful. Life definitely is like a mountain, we climb it, sometimes we fall, sometimes move on. Life is definitely a climb. Different pathways lead to the top and people travel these pathways differently. Few people may travel across a path that’s full of rocks, of obstacles; while some may travel to the path that contains smaller and fewer rocks. No matter how many rocks, or how dark the road seems to be, people still have that innate ability within them to go on and find the right way. No matter how chaotic the road to the top might be, it’s still a climb. One may simply trip and be pulled a few steps backward. Should people really give up climbing? Should people stop?

People rise, people fall; it’s a simple statement. There would certainly come a time when people will trip along the road. The good thing is, even if we fall, even if we come across huge rocks and trip, we could still pull ourselves up and continue traveling.

People must never lose hope in climbing life’s mountain. Remember, that mountain is called “Life” and all of us climb it. Are you tired? Are you scared? Are you losing hope? Just walk a little to the left, or to the right; glance to the sides of the path. You’ll see different people, different people willing to give you a helping hand in this climb: family, friends, and acquaintances, no matter how you call them. You need some help? Just reach out to those around you, stretch out your arms, and have them help you, have them pull up your hand. When they do, strengthen yourself. It’s okay to trip, to fall down; just pull yourself back up and continue. Sustain that courage, call on our Almighty Father and ask for guidance, for support, for inspiration. Hold on to Him and listen to the words He whispers unto you. Feel Him in your heart and listen to Him, for it is Him who knows the right answer; it is Him who will provide you with the grace you need to continue walking along the path.

Always keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you get there first, or last. What’s important is you get there. Then, once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see the most wonderful, the most pleasant, the most magnificent, and the most beautiful view you have ever seen. You will then see that life is indeed, a paradise.

“Life does not have to be that nightmare that haunts you each day. With hope, courage, and prayer, you can turn that nightmare into the most wonderful dream you ever had. And with continuous sustenance of this courage, of continuous grip to hope and prayer, that wonderful dream could become part of this beautiful paradise of existence, of life”


Ab article from our official college paper “Nurscene”.
Angeles University Foundation, College of Nursing.

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