Living With Flat Feet

Flat foot (Photo credit: footminders)
Flat foot (Photo credit: footminders)
Flat foot (Photo credit: footminders)
Flat foot (Photo credit: footminders)

Doctors the world over agree that the human foot is so incredibly complex, intricate and fragile that it is frankly a miracle that anyone can walk at all. Even more miraculous is the way in which most will live their lives free from almost all major foot complaints and somehow beat what seem to be insurmountable odds every day. With sprains, twists, cramps, blisters and various aches and pains never more than a heartbeat away, it is incredible that the world keeps moving with such consistency.

However, some are of course less lucky than others and may find somewhere down their own path that their feet have the potential to serve up a problem or two.  A perfect and common example would be that of flat feet, though contrary to popular belief this is not a condition that in any way should be interpreted as the end of the world. True, it is just as important not to take the problem lightly or hope it will go away on its own, but with a little care and attention there are plenty of ways and means to remain comfortable with flat feet.

While most assume that flat feet come along only as a problem from birth, the condition can in fact come along at almost any time in life. Pregnant women for example are enormously susceptible to an onset of flat feet due to various changes in the body and the additional weight. Likewise, obesity is a common cause of flat feet, while older people can also find flat feet setting in as an inevitability of the aging process.

While flat feet will not in most instances cause any significant pain, the condition can be hugely uncomfortable when it comes to footwear choices – poor choices inevitably leading to further discomfort and pain. However, even if the condition doesn’t appear to be particularly debilitating at present, it is essential to take proper precaution in order to prevent things from worsening over the years to come.

To control the condition and limit the chances of painful discomfort, there are several simple options that can add up to a huge difference:

• Inserts for Shoes – For those with mild to moderate cases of flat feet that haven’t progressed into anything serious, it can often be something as simple as shoe inserts or insoles needed to maintain comfort – most of which can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies.

• Orthopaedic Shoes – Something of an extension of the insole idea, it is perfectly possible for a GO to refer a patient to a specialist for the creation of shoes specifically tailored for their own flat feet – all available free of charge on the NHS.

• Medication – In the case of inflammation or pain, there are several known medications available from chemists and GPs though they should only ever be used as temporary measures.

• Other Injuries – There is also the chance that flat feet could be caused by a separate injury causing improper balance or posture, therefore it could prove that seeking the necessary Ankle Supports via a GP could make all the difference.

The list goes on but illustrates the fact that there is no reason to ever ignore or neglect flat feet when authorities like at are offering so many ways and means to easily continue living a comfortable and pain-free life.

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