Night shift nurse ako nun sa Internal medicine department..mga bandang 11pm may inadmit na matandang babae, nasa mga 73 taong gulang na,dahil sa sobrang pagdudumi.Ang nagdala sa kanya sa hospital ay ang asawa nya na nasa mga 75 taong gulang, tawagin na lang natin silang LOLO and LOLA. Wala silang ibang kasama or ibang dalang gamit. Nang nadala ko na sila sa ward, at nagpakilala bilang nurse ni lola, nakuhanan ng vital signs at nabigay ang mga initial doses ng mga gamot, tinanong ko sila kung nasan ang mga anak nila bakit wala man lang sumama sa kanila (nasabi ko sa sarili ko, they are too old, and dapat man lang may sumama sa kanilang mas bata). Sinagot ako ni lolo “wala kaming ibang kasama sa bahay eh, may kanya kanya na silang pamilya.”

Despite of their age, napansin ko kung pano alagaan ni lolo si lola. Dahil walang available na bed side commode (government hospital, what do you expect), I assigned her to the bed nearest to the comfort room. Lolo patiently assisted lola going to the comfort room ng ilang beses. I wanted to do it myself, pero hindi ko kayang hatiin ang katawan ko dahil masyado akong maraming patients that time. That was despite of the fact na masyadong maraming nurse sa pinas..very IRONIC.

Aside from hydration, I gave anti-diarrheal medication as ordered by the doctor, one of the medication ay hindi available sa hospital pharmacy, and usually watcher ng patient ang bibili nito sa labas. I told lolo na kung may ibang bibili sa labas na watcher makikisuyo na lang ako na ipabili din ang kelangan ni lola. I was surprised he answered “Ako na lang bibili mukhang kelangan na ng asawa ko eh, kaya ko naman malakas pa ko” and he smiled. So hinayaan ko sya and I told him na may mga pharmacy sa tabi lang ng hospital.

I’m quite worried because its been half an hour wala pa rin si lolo. Malapit lang yung mga pharmacy sa labas kaya dapat makakabalik sya in no time.

After an hour, I was relieved when I saw lolo na dala-dala ang gamot and arroz caldo for lola. I asked him what took him so long, then he answered “Wala kasi available dyan sa mga malapit na pharmacy, naubusan sila, 5 pharmacy na nga pinuntahan ko…kaya pumunta pa ako sa town (Baguio city proper)” I was surprised because some watchers ‘pag hindi available ang gamot na kelangan babalik agad at sasabihin “Nurse hindi available eh..bukas nalang” but lolo because of love for lola, naghanap talaga sya ng medicine.That was around 1:00 am, he’s 75 years old, and its so cold outside. With a thin jacket, nagawa nyang maglakad at sumakay sa jeep para bumili ng gamot ng asawa nya. We gave her medicines, and I told them to take a rest. She was sleeping, and si lolo sitting on bedside holding lola’s hand… :”>

LOLO and LOLA shows that true love grows deeper as years goes by…with all those wrinkles and white hair. ^^

P.S. the title LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA is a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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  • Lady Lyn

    That was Very Inspiring! <3 Thanks for your story sir 🙂 It makes me Cry!

    • jazz

      one great true love!very inspiring..:)

      • tepay


    • yoly

      I cried, my brod forgot he still have old parents who needs him. All the time, he was showing his love because of a property he was aiming and when he did not get it, forgot the rest of what he got from them. argggggggggggg!

  • christine bautista

    wow! they are such an inspiration. my dad is like lolo. thank you for sharing.

  • shinikitty

    natouch naman ako sobra dito… and sweet naman ni lolo. lola is sooo lucky to have a husband like him. ^_^ God bless them both. ^^

    p.s. sana man lang bumisita ung mga anak nila para may tumulong naman sa kanila kahit papano

    • tepay

      na assign na po kasi ako sa ibang area.pero sabi po sakin dumating naman daw po yung mga anak kina bukasan 🙂

  • sweet

    ntouch nmn ako.. and napaisip… hehehe… la lang… nice blog… ^_^

    • tepay

      🙂 salamat po…nagka taon lang na ako yung nurse that time.

  • anna.palaka

    you know i use to have the same experience as this,i am a clinicical instructor i handle students in the medical ward in a government hospital also.c lola din naadmit nasa ISOL unit cia.pancn n pancn mu nmn talga na cla ung tipong ciempre mttnda ung parang hndi naktpos sa skul.madals nmn kc ung mga naadmit sa govt hirap tlga sa buhay.i remember i gave him a prescription na gamot Nicardipine which is hindi cia mura.mga 1K ang halaga nun so bngay ko sa knila ung prescription at inexplain ko ung bkit ito binili nia un,cguro nakailang balik cia sa MGA pharmcy kc kulang ung pera nia.nakakaawa kc ung tipong nasa 3rd floor kmi at nakakailang balik para bilhin lahat ng mga prescriptions sa knya na hindi nmn cla for 3 days kami ung nag alaga ke nakita q qng panu alagaan ni lolo c lola.minsan nakakwentuhan ko cna lolo sabi ko buti me pera cla panggstos sa mga kailangn ni lola sabi nia binenta na daw nia ung mga bangka nia sa knila.pero after nung 3 days n hndle namin cla nagHAMA na kasi wala na daw clang panggastos para sa mga gmot ni lola.nakaaalis nga cla pero sa lola dun na rin inbot sa ospital.

  • Lorna

    This is a sweet story. But the age of this old couple as being told on this story is overrated. My mom is 75 years old and my dad is 87. These age group in the U.S. still drives motor homes around the country, touring every states. Probably, young people should be exposed to life before they try to inspire others of something which is just too ordinary.

    • I know what you mean Lorna. Maybe you have stayed that long in the US that you don’t know how it was like in the Philippines.

      Reaching the age of 70’s is a bonus and a blessing indeed if you are leaving in the Philippines with all the pollution, not that cheap commodities and the poor condition of the people. Lucky for you who have the means to provide good things for your parents.

      This is not an ordinary story as you said especially at the rate of divorce and separation. Anyway, I hope you will reach that age also with a husband that will take care of you. Goodluck!

      • dc

        sa pilipinas kahit 50 years old ka pa lang mukha ng 70 dahil sa kahirapan sa buhay.

        • Anna

          yes I agree with dc and Ruth. It is too much differences regarding physical between older people from US and Philippines. US people, are very spoiled and pampered. If you do not have job in the US, the government will provide them a support, but here in the Philippines, even you get die from starving, government didn’t care at all. And it is an ordinary story because we all know that it is very rare to find a couple that showing their love and devotion till death. Couples nowadays always annulled and break up and had another different families. It is so sad. I still wish for a long lasting forever relationship till death, that is very wonderful!

          • Anna

            and I just want to make a correction from one of my lines…”It is not an ordinary story”…..

          • megabyte123

            grammar chek plz…but i agree with you…

    • leah

      ms.lorna siguro po sa US pero kung dito po sa pinas 50 yrs old matanda na po lalo na po kung magsasaka. so sana po wag nyo pong e-compare ang life sa US at [email protected] for sure mayaman kayo kaya sa age ng mga parents mo po ng drive pa ng motor’s not only in US maging sa Finland na ka ka pag drive pa cla even na may edad na.pero iba po sa atin.cguro alam nyo po yan.
      at sana maging tulad ako ng mga nurses natin na nagiging insperasyon namin.

    • Liset

      May I remind you… you are comparing lifestyle from a third world country to the first? wake up miss, you must be dreaming

    • megabyte123


    • christine

      for people living in the US, this may sound ordinary but for people living here in the Philippines, this is simply extraordinary…a miracle even. so before you say things like, “Probably, young people should be exposed to life before they try to inspire others of something which is just too ordinary.” maybe you should do some reality check first.

      maybe it should be said as “Probably, people who are used to living a wealthy life should be exposed to a life here in the Philippines just so they know when to really call something inspirational or not.”

      we need these kinds of feel good stories every once in a while.

  • coffeecrumble

    sweet nmn ni lolo… ganun nia pinahahalagahan at minamahal c lola 😉 so inspiring 😉

    • tepay

      oo nga po sana lahat ng lalaki gaya ni lolo..ahahaha gabing gabi bitter hehe.joke lang po. 🙂

  • ricki melendez

    Your story is very touching! More than the love and devotion of Lolo, I saw a nurse who is very compassionate and true to her profession. You placed Lola beside the bathroom for easy access, you were concerned when Lolo took a while and didn’t come back in time. You saw them not as “cholera pt. or bed no 5” but people who deserve respect and care. Their age is not overrated, life span in the Phil is shorter than other countries because of economic challenges…but they make up with the richness in their selfless love. More power to you Ms. Nurse!

    • tepay

      ay salamat po sir…kahit sino naman po sigurong nurse ganun din gagawin 🙂

  • tepay

    ay.. salamat po sir…. 🙂

  • Liset

    galing naman. nakakainggit sana ganyan din ang asawa ko.

  • eclud

    kaka touch nman po ur story…tsaka halos mangiyak2x ako kakabasa nito…SANA maging katulad ni lolo ung magiging husband ko n d future…tnx 4 a very inspirng story….;)

  • baby_claire

    nkaka touich nman

  • divineclaricia

    nakaka touch naman, napatulo ang luha ko…As of now my 79 years old akong tatay, nakikinita ko ang ugali nya kay lolo…

  • net

    Thank God for nurses like you!!! May God grant you a long, healthy and happy life! I wish you success in your career and family life.

  • shena

    bigla akong naiyak, akala ko noon una yon movie n napanood kong english same title. anyway nakaka inspired kelan kaya darating ang rigth person for me. God bless u.