Making a Difference


At some point in our lives, we have been patients ourselves, and I know you know that having to stay in the hospital is an experience you’ll never want to repeat again. Though one cannot totally prevent him/herself from getting sick from time to time, the thought of having the medical team, especially nurses, assisting  in your stay at the hospital somehow lessen the burden you are feeling, right? And I tell you, this marks a great difference in the lives of patients.

As nurses, we get to be with the patient the most. Among the members of the health team, nurses are the ones who spends the most time with their respective patients. Everyday, from admission in the hospital up to the day the of discharge, nurses play a big part on the lives of these patients. Aside from the holistic care that nurses provide everyday to their patients– (doing morning and evening care, checking the vitals, doing health education, giving shots, and just the mere fact of being there), a certain bond is formed among the two, a therapeutic relationship that the patient can treasure as something that is probably worth remembering for the rest of his/her life.

During a patient’s most vulnerable state, when they feel so helpless because of their condition; and when they feel like losing hope to continue with their lives, nurses are there, along with the other health professionals, doing everything that they can not only to help the patient to achieve faster recovery but also in making them feel that they are not alone in the battle. That no matter how hard their battle may be, there’s always someone in the hospital who would gladly extend a hand or lend an ear whenever they need someone who would listen to them. This alone helps a great deal on uplifting the spirits of these patients and aids in motivating them to continue fighting–that everyday is a miracle and they should not lose hope.

Being a nurse gives you an opportunity to do these for your patients, to use your skills and help those who are in need of care and compassion, anytime, anywhere. For a nurse, everyday is like a battle, and every ward, a battlefield. It may not always be easy, for more often than not, nurses are also human beings who get tired from working long hours while balancing their private lives. But what keeps them going is the thought that in their everyday duties, they help change lives. And no matter how difficult their work may be, they encourage and motivate themselves by keeping in mind this simple message:

“Sometimes, it’s not the grandest things that matter. It’s the small gestures of unspoken caring and compassion that do.” 🙂

So, I hope you’ll spread the word! Who knows, you might be the next angel in someone’s life! 🙂

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