“MANA, MANA hinog ka na ba? Oo..oo hinog na ako”

There was a man named Mang Udo, an orphan.
He grew up with his grandma who’s very strict and disciplinarian.
Mang Udo grew up hard working.
He even finished a degree due to his perseverance, in spite of their life’s hardships.

During his schooldays, he was a janitor in their school during daytime and a student during night time.
He even fetched pails of water in their neighborhood and a gardener
just to have money in order to sustain their needs.

Since he lived in the southern part of Cagayan, he adopted simple living.
When his grandmother died, he inherited many properties.
But Mang Udo still worked hard and earned more,
then he went to Manila until she met a woman named Anding.

Manang Anding is a very decent woman.
She came from a wealthy family in Northern Cagayan. But fate leads them to meet.

He was from the southern Cagayan and she was from the north.

They got married and blessed them to have 10 children.
But unfortunately, 2 of their kids died because of illness.
But still Life goes on for their 8 remaining kids. They settled in manila and raised their 8 children there.

Manang Anding is a teacher, but decided to become plain housewife for her children
and because of her submission to her husband who’s a businessman.
They ran a business as an Oil supplier. But they still live in a simple life.
They don’t built a beautiful house or live in a grandiose living.

To mang Udo, education is merely important.
They sent their children to become a lawyer, dentist, doctor, engineer, nurse,
an architect and teacher to reputable schools.

But due to different trials came in their life,
Mang Udo retired early then their eldest child married early and not finished her schooling.

Mang Udo became very disappointed so he was less eager to send his other children
to school knowing that they’ll just married early and not finish their studies.
But the remaining child proved to their father was wrong.

The second to the eldest child stand as the bread winner of the family.
She never had a chance to finish her degree because she worked for her family.
She used to be the “Santa Claus of the family” because she let her siblings
felt the joy they have when they received gifts from her.
They never forget how their sister love them so much and make them so happy
to have new clothes or things that their parents deprived them to have.
Until, her brothers and sisters all finished their degree and eventually they have their own families.

Mang Udo and Manang Anding left alone by then.
Mang Udo became very ill, due to his old age.
His physical and mental condition affected him as well.
He had a stroke and Dementia but He still wanted to live longer.

There was a time that He is boasting that He have 75 Million.
He even wrote it on the walls of his room and always mentions it to his caregivers and family members.
But they didn’t mind him because they know his mental condition was affected too.

Manang Anding was suffered too, their pension wasn’t enough
to their 50thou monthly needs included was their medications.
Their children’s financial assistance still wasn’t enough.
The only way they thought of was to sell some of the properties of Mang Udo.

Conflict arises when there is a sort of misunderstanding between their children. Some of them don’t want to sell those properties for if they will sell it, they will run out empty handed in the future. Some of them were suspicious of selling it for their own interests. Some of them want to sell it for investment to have an income.

One day, Manang Anding had a chance to visit Manang Udo’s properties in southern Cagayan. She was surprised on how wealthy her husband was. She was hurt, how could his husband deprived her with his wealth and let them experienced such hardships together with their children.
Many questions arise to Manang Anding’s mind. But she realized that she can never blame anybody.

Because of her GREAT LOVE AND SUBMISSION to her husband, she chose to live a life what her husband’s kind of life offered to her and their children. All she hopes right now is just to have peace in her family and good health.

“Because of her GREAT LOVE & SUBMISSION to her husband, she chose to live a life what her husband’s kind of life offered to her and their children. All she hopes right now is just to have peace in her family and good health. ”

For what does the wealth means, if there is no peace, harmony and sickness in the family?

Time is really fast. We can never know or tell how long we will live.

Why do we need to hurt their feelings?
Why don’t we show our love to our grandparents while they are still alive?

We should learn to bear in mind that later on, we will become old and weak too.
Like Manang Anding, She sets an example of “Great Love”.

A mere humbleness.

Although she was hurting, she learned to accept because of her great love..
She was already contented.

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  • els

    what happened to manang udo?to the wealth that he left behind later discovered by manang undang?the story is inspiring but the ending is very unclear.and how’s the title related to the story?

  • nurshwilty

    MANA refers to the wealth and “hinog” is the old age.. wealth is not impt to the elders..

  • Lola Ganda

    Great story.. *teary-eyed* After reading this article.. Thank you!

    • nurshwilty

      thank you lola ganda.may i know wer u from? 🙂

      • Lola Ganda

        I’m from Muntinlupa po! (for the second time around, I had t o read your article again) *Clap* Very impressive talaga! May sense..

  • raye

    wow… what a heart felt story. its worth your time in reading this one. a round of applause to the author….