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Male Menopause, or Andropause, is caused by the lessenning of the male’s capability to make testosterone. Because of this, the signs and disorders of male menopause could be compared closely to it’s female counterpart. Dudes who are going through these symptoms, will experience getting depressed, irritability, and always getting burned out, or exhausted, even with minimum movements, such as walking from the front yard to the back of the house.

Another symptom of Andropause, that you will see in a man who is going through this phase, is sexual disinterest. Because of this, it may affect his kinship with his spouse. It is known that heaps of folks who went through this stage in their adulthood, have had problems with their marriage, because of sexual disinterest.

This is why it is essential for males and their wives, to take all the necessary steps in treating this disorder. Although male menopause occurs once a man reaches a certain age, there are steps that couples can use to diminish the effects of male menopause.

Since one of the main causes of male menopause, is the diminishing of testosterone, the best way to treat, or at least decrease the effects of the condition, is through testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. Through this therapy, you will be able to reduce the effects of symptoms, such as low interest in sex, despair and constant tiredness.

Due to this, you will be able to maximize your sexuality, even if you are going through the disorder of Andropause, or male menopause. This will greatly elevate your sex life, and also your social life with your partner. Through testosterone replacement therapy, not only will you be sexually active, but you could also improve your relationships with the people around you.

It is a fact that being irritable can create a strain in your bond with other persons. By using testosterone replacement therapy, you will be able to enjoy life once again, and decrease the possibility of straining your kinship with other people.

Enjoy your manhood through testosterone replacement medical care. With this therapy, you will be able to deal with male menopause, and come to be a man again.

So, if you are ever experiencing what people call mid-life crisis, it may be for the reason that you are experiencing male menopause. You should always call to mind that menopause doesn’t only occur to women, but it also occurs to the male population as well. You should also realize that these symptoms are natural, and there is nothing you could do to stop them.

The only thing you can do, is diminish the symptoms through a treatment called testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. However, before you undergo TRT, you need to always keep in mind that you ought to first consult your doctor. He or she will be able to recommend a clinic specializing in TRT, with trained professionals to look after you. This is the best strategy to handle Andropause.

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    Andropause may be related to the slow but steady reduction of the production of the hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in middle-aged men, and the consequences of that reduction.-`-,

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  • Shocking as it may be to some men, male menopause, or andropause, is becoming more widely recognized and accepted by physicians for the changes many middle-aged men experience — from energy loss to depression to loss of libido to sexual dysfunction. And some clinicians are recommending that certain men experiencing these symptoms, along with a host of others such as decreased bone density and weight gain, seek hormone replacement therapy and other treatments.