Meals a Diabetic Should Not Eat

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There is one thing that every diabetic meal has in common: The amounts of carbs that may originate from sugars, preservers or starches are limited to 15 grams. This is because carbohydrates are converted to blood glucose during the digestion process. A majority of people suffering from Type II are not prohibited from eating these foods. However, they are advised to limit their intake. On the other hand, there are particular meals that are utilized as insulin substitutes by Type I diabetics. In an administered diet, such foods ought to be eaten in smaller portions.

The following are some of the foods that a diabetic should not eat. Nonetheless, they can be consumed in smaller servings in a managed diet.

Normal soda, sugar-compact icing and fudge are types of foods that consist of concentrated treated sugar. Unfortunately, they are of less value when it comes to nutrition as they can instantly increase blood sugar to risky levels.

Fructose refers to sugar derived from fruits and vegetables. Fructose can easily be converted to blood glucose during the digestion process compared to sugar. It is for this reason that diabetics are advised to strictly limit the consumption of fruits and vegetables such as mangoes and carrots. Dried fruits are also not recommended.

Highly concentrated starch meals, for example, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice and gravy are tuned into sugar in the course of digestion, thereby increasing blood glucose level to unsafe levels.

Processed grains
Persons suffering from either Type I or Type II diabetes ought to try as much as possible to avoid consuming refined grains, for instance, white bread, cupcakes as well as fried foods. As is the case with highly concentrated starch foods, refined grains are instantly turned into sugar in the course of digestion. Since refined grains are quite common in restaurant meals, diabetics should minimize eating restaurant meals.

Instant foods
Instant foods such as frozen dinners are not recommended for persons suffering from diabetes as they consist of high-starch plus sugar. Instead of preparing frozen vegetables, one should opt to cook fresh veggies. Prepared foods contain preservatives which can increase blood glucose level.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous to everyone. However, a number of studies have found that distilled spirits can assist in crashing of blood glucose. Malt beer plus dry wine are not risky when take in moderation.

There is no known cure for diabetes. But, persons suffering from diabetes can prolong their lives by keeping an eye on what they eat.

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