Migraine Or Sinus: What Is Affecting You?

Migraine (Photo credit: dernaface)
Migraine (Photo credit: dernaface)
Migraine (Photo credit: dernaface)
Migraine (Photo credit: dernaface)

Are you constantly suffering from headaches? Do they sap you of your strength and make you feel tired and irritable the whole time? If they do, then you are one of many people in this world who suffer from headaches. Headaches can be both mild and severe. Under mild headaches the pain is bearable and causes only slight discomfort. These affect almost everybody at some point of time or another. However, some people suffer from headaches at regular intervals. These are known as chronic headaches. These are called as migraine and sinus headaches. These headaches are quite severe and can cause a person lot of discomfort and prevent him from moving around.

Migraine and sinus headaches are quite similar to each other and have many symptoms that are inter changeable, therefore many times they have been misdiagnosed, leading to further complications. Firstly, we will discuss the similarities between sinus and migraine headaches. In both these kind of headaches there is pain in the facial area. There is also a pain when a person bends in both these conditions. Sinus is usually identified by stuffy nose and watery eyes, but sometimes these are seen in migraine cases too. Sometimes, it is considered that migraine pains occur only in the top of the skull, but sinus pains have also been known to occur in the crown of the head.

Since we see that migraine and sinus headaches have many things in common, thus it is important to know the differences, so you can identify what kind of a headache you are suffering from. First, we will discuss about the cause of the pain. Even though they are quite similar, the reasons for their occurrence are very different. While sinus is caused by the inflammation of the nasal passage, migraine headaches are caused by the expansion of cranial blood vessels. Migraine headaches are accompanied by an increased sensitivity to light and other stimuli; there are no such effects in cases of sinus infections. Sinus infection can be identified by the presence of greenish yellow discharge from the nose. This will differentiate from migraine, as no discharge is seen is migraine. Also, the location of the pain helps in identifying the condition, though this is not a very reliable way to do so. Migraine pains are usually occur in the top of the head, while sinus is in the front of the face.

Now that you know the differences between migraine and sinus, you can easily identify the condition you are suffering from and be able to apply various sinus home remedies to provide relief from sinus headaches.

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